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No Relationships: We do not raise aggressive boys

No Relationships: We do not raise aggressive boys

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Boys are just that, aggressive and control over their will, you simply can't change that - let's go. However, a surprising idea is that boys are just getting more aggressive because they are more casual and need more care.

In general, men are more aggressive, more violent than women. This is the most immutable fact that you can't handle. Experts believe that the reason for this is higher testosterone. Another, surprising approach, however, suggests that aggression is really a response to environmental influences. This is due to a number of factors: boys develop a little slower than babies, more immature, and need more care, but social requirements just require "less".Do the boys need more care? According to research, infants, for example, are less resistant and slower than girls, meaning more procrastination, longer-term breastfeeding, more social and family environments, and so on. there is a need, though, in most western societies, it is just the boys who get less of it. From a very young age, we are taught that leat "masculine", hide their feelings, deal with emerging problems alone. Many widespread neonatal practices (such as neonatal effects of severe stress on neonates, which are natural to adults, or sleep deprivation, etc.) also affect the baby more or less negatively.

What would you need?

Some experts believe that special conditions are necessary for the proper development of human infants, as compared to other born species, they are extremely weak, uncomplicated. In the early years, there is a need for safe "hedges":
  • willing to take care that prevents a little stress
  • Frequent touching, stroking, tilting and carrying
  • on-demand breastfeeding, across years
  • free games, with a variety of age-appropriate playgrounds, preferably in nature
  • more adult care
  • for the positive and positive contribution of the community
These factors have a very good effect on the neurobiological structure of the brain, and thus on personal development and social skills. If these needs are not met, the children will not learn to trust, either in themselves or in their personal relationships - that is, they will lose contact with themselves and with others. One manifestation of this may be aggression. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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