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You can help Daddy express your son's feelings

You can help Daddy express your son's feelings

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Boys are not traditionally encouraged to be able to express their feelings. The Father can be a great help to their sons.

In a lengthy article, explains the importance of why boys can express their feelings and how to help them. That is why it can still be an important topic, because even today, it is still not explicitly intended to discourage boys in their sentiment and expression. The most important settings of this article are as follows.You can help Daddy express your son's feelings It is almost irrelevant that when talking to younger or older men, we should be aware that they communicate in a completely different way than women. While girls are encouraged to talk boldly about their feelings, boys are often driven to the contrary in the direction of repressing their feelings. And it is easy to guess that this negatively influences men's tactics, anxiety, and stress, but also the formation of long-lasting friendships.Dr. Gaile Dines According to Professor Sociology, the center of the question is what kind of emotional treasure we have, that is, how we talk to our sons and how our girls. According to the sociologist, parents communicate in very different ways, depending on whether they are talking to boys or girls.

What are these differentities?

Mothers tend to talk to their children, even when they are infants. These beszйlgetйsekben the anyбk lбnyaikkal beszйlgetnek a lot of йrzelmekrхl, which lay the foundation for йrzelmi szуkincsьket.Az apбk inkбbb tevйkenysйgekhez kцtцtt tйmбkrуl beszйlgetnek of their sons, nor as йrzelmi tйmбkat йrintenйnek.Tanulmбnyok it mutatjбk to fiъ children esetйben tehбt hiбnyzik this йrzelmi all szocializбciу Mom and Dad are all involved. But not only parents do little about boys' emotional communication, but our culture also pushes them to this direction: if you are a man, don't show your feelings (with the exception of anger).

Is there a good technique to change this?

Most boys can be more relaxed when not in direct eye contact. You may be concerned about your emotional issues when you are cycling or in the car. Of course, the questions we ask are also important. It is not a good way to ask something that can be answered with a word, such as. "Your day at school?" Instead, try to answer the questions you need, eg. "What are you doing in school?" nor were they socialized so that when grown up, it was easy to communicate about their feelings, so it was difficult for them to express their own emotions. But it would be very important for us to change this practice. Because it affects men's whole life. There are studies that show that men do not make friends, support themselves, like women. It would be important to teach the boys that they don't have to hide their feelings, they can kill them, express them and that's okay.
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