Boy's question: How do I pay it back?

Boy's question: How do I pay it back?

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Mom's mothers soon meet the question of whether or not to put on the foreskin, and if so, at what age.

Boy's question: How do I pay it back?When a mother asks a man, she will receive much more answers to the question of whether or not to put the fork back, and if so, when. Granny says a lot, the doctor says it, and the playmates say it. Let's see what you need to know to answer the question. letapadбst And a szыkьletet. Adhesion is when the adhesion between the foreskin and the glans still has not dissolved. The foreskin is generally not or not fully retractable. We talk about the foreskin when the foreskin is so tight that the foreskin cannot be carried on the glans. When a baby is born, the foreskin is fully attached. After a few months, the foreskin begins to separate itself from the foreskin, and the cleansing can begin. If the mailing is not terminated by 1-2 years, it is not a problem. It can also be a slow process.If the foreskin is backed up, it should be cleaned daily. Carefully perform the operation, always pushing the foreskin down as far as it will go. You should not be healthy at the same time, because it causes pain to the baby. Backing should not be forced, as the foreskin may crack, causing scarring and tightness.If cleaning is not done properly, the burns on the forehead will burn up. It can cause inflammation.While a big cat is a kid and is clean, he should be taught to always bathe his back in the bathtub and wash his linen thoroughly with soap. For each peeing, the foreskin must be retracted for as long as the adhesion allows it, and the skin must be retracted after peeing. After urinating, water the drops of urine as they can cause inflammation when trapped under the foreskin.You know!If your urine is dripping or in a small radius, or your health may swell, you should see a doctor. It is important to know that urine dehydration is normal when at least a match of thick urine is present. Ointments are of course prescribed by a doctor. If this is ineffective, surgical solutions may be possible, including plastic surgery. kцrьlmetйlйs. These interventions are performed under anesthesia.
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