Why doesn't my son obey when my daughter listens to me?

Why doesn't my son obey when my daughter listens to me?

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The mothers complain many times that it is difficult to control a child, even if the baby is in danger. Experience has shown that girls are more attentive to adult warnings.

Louann Brizendine In his title book, Men's Brain explains that boys' brain occupies a much larger area in the brain of the fetus at the ages of the fetus, the behaviors and the network of violent behaviors. Therefore, a significant amount of testosterone released during the fetal age is also responsible for the fact that the senses of the boys also differ from the senses. According to research, boys are able to read from the adult's eyes when it is cold or when it is cold for most of the week when they are seven months old. But these signs are almost immune to them at the age of one, they just don't care, they go after their own heads. The opposite is true of the baby bulbs: as they get older, the signs of adulthood increase, too. In a simple experimental situation, it is only through facial expressions that what should not be touched, even with twice as many oral warnings used by boys, has not always been successful.

My son doesn't listen to me

Ssometimes it is not easy for little boys, but for us parents, it is still our job to teach them some important, often life-saving, rules. Because we know there is a biological reason for more frequent disobedience, don't give up! But we have to be patient, yet determined.They may also be interested in:
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