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Do Excessive Mothers tend to feed their children?

Do Excessive Mothers tend to feed their children?

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Researchers at the University of Florida have come to the conclusion that overweight and pregnant mothers tend to overdo their children, and thus potentially obsess over them.

In a study in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, children between the ages of 29 and six and their mothers took part, and they were asked to regularly record how hungry they are and how old they are. From the answers it turned out that the overweight and pregnant mothers tended to eat more and they had a similar marriage to childhood childrenso they also took a larger portion of food. As the research led Sarah Stromberg, a member of the University's Clinical and Health Psychology Departments called attention because young children still have a hard time recognizing when they live well, the more things they eat, the more they tend to. He is also a participant in the research David Janicke he thinks it is important to warn parents about this relationship, as this will help to preserve the health of their children.

Does an overweight mother overpower their children?

Professionals have added that, at a young age, it is up to parents to decide when and what to eat, but it is up to them to decide how much. There is no need to over-pack your shrimp, but if you have eaten everything and are hungry, you can feel free to take another dose.They may also be interested in:
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