I'm productive today, darling!

I'm productive today, darling!

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We can certainly give the date of conception the chance, but there may be situations when it is better to know exactly what fertile days are.

You can also identify your fertile period by observing your own body!

Numerous bodily and mental signs of ovarian proximity vary as the core temperature changes in the morning, the level of the vagina, the palpation of the ovum, and, last but not least, sexuality. However, in order to obtain truly accurate data, your observations must be carefully conducted on a daily basis. Those who do not have the patience and the desire to carefully observe the functioning of their bodies, yet want to know when the days are productive, can choose between the two.


Every woman can easily use PG / 53. With the help of the microscope, it is possible to decide from the smear taken from the rabbit or the vagina whether we are conceiving or not. The very thin picture of the leaf of the fern indicates the ability to conceive, the circular or shape-free designs suggesting its lack.
During the first period of the female cycle, increased estrogen excretion causes a change in the composition of the saliva and the vagina, and hence in its crystallization pattern. This change is normalized after a certain concentration of estrogen. This hormone concentration occurs three to four days prior to follicular rupture and lasts for the third to fourth days after it begins to decline. As a result of the above process, crystallization can be observed only on the days of conception. Ninety percent of the procedure is supported by reliable clinical experience. However, as with other natural methods, it cannot provide complete security. The gadget microscope is available at pharmacies for around 2000 Ft.

Minilaboratory at home

For the lower price above, a few hundred forints can be obtained for the rapid ovulation test, although this package must be obtained every cycle.
The rapid ovulation test is based on the luteinising hormone (LH), which is present in the urine, which is elevated before the most productive day of the woman's cycle and eliminates ovulation. To determine the LH peak, several tests should be performed at the same time on several consecutive days. It is not absolutely necessary, but it is advisable to do this immediately after awakening.

How does the Quick Test work?

Two or three drops of urine collected in a clean dry container should be applied to the test panel sample window using a disposable dropper packaged for the test. The result can be read in five minutes. A control bar always appears in the test window. If the test strip does not appear or is inferior to the control strip, the test is negative, otherwise it is positive. The test can always be explicitly bypassed. The first day of the test series will help guide you through the test package. For example, those who regularly have 28-day cycles should complete the first test on the 11th day of the cycle.

You're not pregnant!

Clinical laboratory and user studies have shown that the reliability of the test is greater than 99%, which means that it is possible to predict with certainty the day of ovulation, that is, to determine the optimum time for conception. Likewise, we can show good results with a spider microscope. Manufacturers, however, strongly point out that our tests are not usable in conception. Why? The explanation is to be found in the relatively long viability of sperm. The test is only 24-36 hours old to detect the LH peak, while sperm can survive up to 72 hours in the vagina. This may result in fertilization during sexual contact before the LH peak assay.
However, conceived childbirth can be greatly facilitated by the use of a test or germ microscope, as couples are informed about the optimal days for conception."I thought it would be long before I knew much about what time my ovaries were, and then to avoid sex on those days. "I was pregnant on a day when microscopic data showed that it would not have been possible." - we heard from Yard J. Katitou
"We lived very irregularly, we both slept a lot, and our working time schedule was such that we didn't even see each other for days. we decided the time someone recommended the dwarf microscope. By doing so, it finally made it clear when we should be together. -nrja Rick Bicschabrow