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When should I get pregnant?

When should I get pregnant?

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Among the methods of contraception, tablets are very popular, but it is worth knowing that there are cases when it is advisable to switch to another medication.

When should I get pregnant?

When and how, arrуl dr. Seven Gabbor, the Center for Dormition asked.

How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

Although infertility pills are available in several varieties, they have the same effect: close to 100% protected from unwanted pregnancy. Exogenously administered hormones inhibit the production of FSH / LH, resulting in the loss of both follicular and corpus luteum formation. In addition, there are other conditions that alter the composition of the cervical cervix, making it harder for sperm to migrate, and not creating the right environment for cerebral palsy.

Types of birth control pills

The tablets can be divided into two large groups: there are a combination as well as mini tablets. The difference between the two is that the former also contains progesterone and estrogen, the other all progesterone. Combination supplements maintain a constant level of hormone so that there is no exorbitant high estrogen levels that can trigger ovulation. The minipill, on the other hand, is more of a physical barrier because it reduces the lining of the cervix and prevents the sperm from getting up, making the cervical area denser.

When to Buy?

There are a number of reasons why switching from a pill may be a cause, but it is usually due to side effects, high health risks and breastfeeding. If side effects occur (eg migraine, cross-bleeding), you should always consult a physician who, based on your complaints, will determine which component may be causing the disorder and suggest new remedies. In addition to this, you are giving birth to eg. higher risk of haemorrhage, the practitioner may recommend a minipill or hormonal contraceptive method.

The process of switching

Dr. Gabor Bornyi, Center for the Nuns, draws attention to the importance of always check with your doctor, since they know the ingredients and effects of each agent! The process of conversion depends on whether the same type of formulation is replaced or combined with progesterone only, or vice versa. (or vice versa). In the first case, the same action as if nothing had changed except for After a 7 day break now you have to take the new medicine. When switching to a minipill, you do not need to pause if the previous letter runs out, and you can start collecting the new one. If you are replacing the older one, you should start your new letter on the first day of menstruation and then take it as prescribed.
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