Does Breastfeeding Increase Brain Volume?

Does Breastfeeding Increase Brain Volume?

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According to an Austrian study, some areas of the brain that take a pill can increase by about three percent, and can increase in size as well.

Surprising side effect of having a contraceptive pill

High resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images of the brain of men and women who have or have not taken birth have been made by the University of Salzburg. The latter have been repeatedly tested to eliminate differences due to monthly hormonal fluctuations.The number of brains of women taking the pill proved to be largersuch as women who do not conceive. The affected brain areas are responsible for "feminine" abilities such as memory and cognition.
Greater volume in a certain brain area can also lead to improvements in the functions it controls - he explained Belinda Pletzer, a research contributor, according to The Daily Telegraph's Internet publication. Behavioral changes caused by conception are likely to affect abilities that are more advanced in women than men, such as memory.
However, overall brain volume did not change, according to the study. It is not known whether the tablet returned to its original size after the tablet was abandoned. In Hungary, about thirty percent of women choose this method of contraception.
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