Tools in the baby kitchen

Tools in the baby kitchen

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The toothless tooth needs little help to get the food to digest.

What's in the kitchen?

You can't bite me, bite me anyway! This is due to the whole bundle of cooked ferns he can scrape off some good pieces. Rather than toothless, it merely squeezes the bites. This is due to the fact that in the pelus we often see the whole body swallowed. Therefore, in the first year of life, it is definitely advisable to spend a little as much food as you have Your digestive system can also cope.

Degrees in nutrition

1. Feeding in the first three months, six, weeks, and maybe eight months at a time fine poppies add to the baby (although there are eight-month-old babies who also like to eat small pieces of food).
2. The next step may be represented by nine, tiny swabs blasted with a fork, or less thoroughly blended, with even small pieces can occur.
3. If you have two toothpicks, or you can bite the front teeth well, you can get coarsely grated fruit and pieces of food.

Pots, footwear

For the first one or two months, it might be worth cooking a little baby for the baby. Afterwards, however, we can safely remove their portion of the meal cooked for ourselves or the family. However, it is important that pots, pans and pans are made of good quality steel. Do not use aluminum and enamel feet that have been peeled off locally.

Plastic containers

We will need plastic containers where we can store the ingredients. The high, spiked plastic jugs are needed for blending. In the smallest plastic boxes with well sealed lids, we can freeze the prepared food.
Put the fruit, teas and snacks in plastic boxes that are well sealed and do not spill out during the ride.
In addition to feeding, from year to year, plastic pads are best suited because they can easily fall to the ground due to an unintentional movement. You also get a little bit of bib with a lid, which makes it easier to store in the cooler, and the bugs do not crawl into the baby's fruit pie.
Drinking can also be made from a plastic glass or an outward-sloping, thick glass cup. In the meantime, you do a good service on a sports bottle or a wide bottle of oral plastic, which can also be immediately drinkable and end well.

It is also useful

There is no need for special and expensive equipment for baby cooking, just for the handicrafts and appliances that are equally useful in the household.


Almost invincible! You can crush the greens, fruits with a little vegetable or fruit for a fine meal. It is also suitable for fine grinding of oilseeds, frying and frying. You can crush the onions and garlic into a delicious medium, free of charge and in no time.

Hand blender

It is versatile, and is one of the indispensable. Suitable for cooking cooked vegetables and cooked or baked meat, mixing smoothies, fruit yoghurt mix, cream soup additions, and non-lumps.


With the help of any fruit and vegetable you can press fresh juice. It has a relatively large amount of material loss, takes up a lot of space, but you can turn the quality, fresh, vitamin-like innards into a whole family. The fruit and green juice obtained can be diluted with boiling water, and the result will be better than any store you can buy.


He is slowly going out of fashion because most kitchen robots also have a lumber function, or if not, your small machine can handle it. If you are considering minced meat for a small child, it is better not to buy minced meat, because we do not know how clean the store stuff is, how fresh meat is.


The classic glass or plastic apple grater is suitable for baking pitted apple or peach. We can rub the fruit with just fine finishing. The pope will soon turn brown, but that doesn't affect quality. Always grate the fruit fresh for the baby, so that the most vitamins remain until consumed.


With the help of even the most inexperienced cook, he can lightly bite apples, potatoes, cucumbers, pears, carob in a snap. Unfortunately, not all breeds are equally as light, so it is worth trying more, and best of all, because unfortunately you are losing weight. Together with the shells, he often ends up in the trash. Choose one that is made of stainless steel.


Initially, when your baby eats only a few teaspoons of food, it is not worth bothering with a bot blender or a tiny bit because such small portions will just sip the bowl. But with garlic, you can cook small, soft-cooked dishes perfectly, and also an important tool in the kitchen.


It has the disadvantage that it is only suitable for lemon, orange and grapefruit juicing, and it takes a bit of manpower to supply larger quantities. Sometimes, however, you only need so little lemon juice, orange juice that this simple little tool is suitable for this purpose.
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