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Sandra's diary - Third Third

Sandra's diary - Third Third

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Tooth decay weeks go by, sometimes with a little bit of a toothpick. Meanwhile, it is becoming more and more obvious that Andrisk will not be born lightweight. The topic of birth is increasingly on the agenda.

Third thirds
Week 28
We spent most of this week in the dental office. A week ago, one of my teeth got inflamed, and I did all fifteen bad things. Unfortunately, it is in such a strange place that it is impossible to put on, have to go - and because of my baby my dentist does not want. I do not expect it too much, but in three days they will do whatever it takes to make the pain of anxiety go away. I suppose Andriska's not having too much fun in my stomach, just like my son and Panka, because I can't talk or do normal things. He had become a root treatment.
Week 29
I visit the dentist twice a week because I am unable to insert the tooth. There's something so bad about it. Panka is a little lover if she sees me suffering, caresses and tries to massage my foot. The only benefit to the past is that he has been enthusiastically brushing his teeth after the dentist scolded him with his little mirror.
More and more people are asking how big the baby is now, what the ultrasound shows - I don't know, because by the 34th week I won't go if everything is fine. I feel the little one turn around nicely, so the upside down position has stopped.
Week 30
The twice weekly dental visit continues. A week later, we also visited an emergency dental clinic, where we removed the repeated non-functioning prurate. There is one more obstacle to sleep recently: the kidney is awkwardly horizontal. As an experienced kidney stone (if I'm not pregnant, I "parent" a little kidney every two months), I'm not scared of the first column, but I start to get tired from constant night shifts. I refer you to a kidney ultrasound, here on the phone to announce that it is only the end of January. All the frivolous and eloquent remarks, the doctor rejected.
Week 31
We are going to another night's sleep, but this time the price is up, so I feel like nothing has ever felt so bad. Bloodworms would be advancing in this beautiful night-time, because we are reluctant to listen to my fist-blush, but the assistant is adamant, we have to wait our turn. Immediately after a quick boil, relief comes, the tooth stays open again, the pain disappears, the problem doesn't. We go to a private kidney ultrasound where, just because yes, there are small stones, they see nothing.
So in a day I drew two kilos, my belly got huge. For the sums of my mummies, I traveled in a small stretch, having difficulty moving Panka, loading and unloading my car, leaning on our mattress on the ground. Two more striae have formed on my stomach (with Pank's two little ones on the last day, so they are so many now), and my translator has turned, which I am completely overwhelmed with. I hate it if someone or something touches me and I don't like talking about it. I have a friend who had to have her belly plasticized with two cups.
Week 32
My dentist decided to pull the tooth out. I spend the next three days scrambling to find something like "the face often ruptures", "long-term bleeding events" over the Internet for five minutes. Send it to a professor of the mouth because it seems so difficult. I'm afraid of the captivity, but I am even more concerned about the fact that the picur may be premature. I have gained experience with ransomware, probes, blood transfusions and infections, and long hospital stays with Panka, so I like to miss this life. However, according to the chief physician, this mortgage now carries more risks than benefits, so it suggests more treatment.
There are also beautiful moments: the little one will be moving a lot, he will be the big baby, sure, because I felt these types of movements at the end of the bank. My baby is quite accustomed to being away a lot, even at night, maybe it won't be such a shock for him to go to the hospital until he is with my parents. Although I'm upset when I come home, but I find myself getting less anxious when I'm away. I got a cent and I measured my stomach: 110 cents! Banks was 101 when I was born. I have no idea what's going to happen next month, I don't know where else to put a medicine ball-like stomach, and how to deal with it, I'm not very successful at the moment.
Week 33
Silence before the storm. Dad's home this week. We have already agreed to bring up a complete bankruptcy, but it is a relief that I do not have to do this alone every minute of the day. The developer, however, whom I tell Panka about his surprising behaviors, is afraid that his emotional development is appropriate, and then advises me to say, "If you are not old enough, you can't call me such a small child." I'm sorry, you can't!
Because of my stomach, they reverence me and ask me if I might be expecting twins.
Week 34
We went to sleep on the night of the night, but the night before was spent in the midwifery, squeezing the CTG leader pale. Fortunately, there was probably just a good little bit of goosebumps tricking us down, but back there everything was in one place. It was good to note how long it took us to go to the hospital at a seizure rate (unbelievably many), to get to know my baby and my baby room, and to promise that I would be fine. They'll let me home, of course, and "let's run if you need to"!
Week 36
I'm starting a desperate diet because of the new high blood glucose levels (I've never dieted, no great domination), with a little bit of hope that CTG is all right ("Mom, surely this kid is huge?" ), the ultrasound shows no worries ("Mom, isn't it sugary? You're a baby!").
Week 37
My doctor will be out of the office for two weeks because she gets it. I don't know what's going to happen, I'm bitter after all, I feel lost, I don't know anyone in the church outside of it. It is a consolation that the deputy doctor with whom we discuss everything is young and professional. My friend Dāla tells me in detail about the birth process and then asks me to talk about my fears.
Week 38
I am disgusted with everyone, I also confront the one who has kept the soul in me so far. Sometimes I panic: I'm not sorry for someone doing the next few weeks for me, but unfortunately there are no candidates. Actually, we are now faced with the fact that there is no back story than before, and that is very scary. The natural childbirth I've done so far is beginning to worry me, really, I don't want anything else now, just to be all over it.