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Dentist: Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersAll About Dentistry

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The first symptoms of a tooth may appear several months before the first teeth develop. What you should know about toothache and how to relieve your small symptoms?

When do Milk Teeth Develop?

We tend to think that the baby's teeth develop a few days before the swelling, discomfort, and irritability - common tooth problems - in fact, the process starts right before birth. Primary mammary glands develop by the sixth week of gestation, and then develop into the third to third stages of pregnancy. tomorrow they are covered with some hard enamel. In fact, even when grown, adult bone teeth begin to develop at this time. During the pregnancy just now calcium-rich diet is important, to make your teeth healthier.

When can we count the arrival of the first teeth?

The process of capturing in general starts at 4 months, but most babies only get their first teeth around the 6th of the month, which usually come in pairs. Most often the lower first teeth will come out first, followed by the upper first two, then the lateral incisors, canines and canines. Milk teeth all have to reach the age of 3, And the baby will be changing around the age of 4-6.

What should I do if my baby has teeth at birth?

Very rare, but it happens that a baby comes out with a low first tooth. It can be like a milk tooth or an extra tooth, which falls out when the milky tooth comes. If this tooth is too loose, it is advisable to challenge it to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Is it okay if I still have no teeth by the 8th day?

Teeth can appear at any time between the 4th and the 12th month, so there is no reason to worry if the child develops just as well. If the small size a year gone and still no sign of teeth, may indicate metabolic disorders, but it also has another symptom of growth.

The buzz and the lounging

If the 4-month-old baby is rattling and licking his hands, it is not necessarily a sure sign of toothache, because at this age little ones tend to take their mouths and their rabbit production increases. But if you buy that, you know the little, nervous, frustrated, gnawing at the glass after feeding, and incessant, then you may already suspect the teeth are coming. Swelling of the tooth, sensitivity to cold and warmth, and even worse sleep, are symptoms of toothache.

Catching - Less frequent symptoms

Babies less than 6 months old may have diarrhea and fever due to the tooth, which disappears 2 to 3 days after the first teeth have been erupted. If the other symptoms clearly refer to the tooth, you do not need to panic, but it is advisable to take it to the pediatrician to rule out any suspicion of infection.

Ear and tooth alignment

It can also cause the baby to permanently get to his / her ears, grab, hold his / her ears, which is a natural reaction to tingling sensation caused by nerve glands. If your baby seems to be playful and cheerful, not to be bothered by it, then you do not feel that your ear is coy. But if the fever goes up, it will be irritable if you eat it lying down, Even though it was cold in the immediate vicinity, you may be suspected of being infected.

Alleviation of toothache

One of the worst things about parenting is that you have to see when it comes to grabbing your baby that this process is painful. This condition is the worst when the first tooth grows, and the symptoms are mild. To ease the pain, the freeze rбgуkбk, or a damp, sterile cotton cloth can be very effective, and skin-spreading gels are also a good solution. If your baby is still very painful, you may get pain relief according to your age and weight. (VIA) Related to our dentures:
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