Did you know that folic acid mocks the heartburn?

Did you know that folic acid mocks the heartburn?

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Consumption of folic acid is recommended for everyone, but during pregnancy it is very important: it not only reduces the risk of developmental abnormalities, but it is also good for treating nausea.

Regular folic acid intake is recommended for everyone, but plays a key role in the family planning period. He consumed during the period of conception folic acid and multivitamin significantly reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, kidney development, heart and grand mal abnormalities, and endocrine disorders. In addition, a baby can feel a good effect immediately, in early pregnancy, it measures mumps, flatulence, fatigue.

Legumes, herbs, wholemeal bread, fish, diet contain enough folic acid for a balanced diet

The the brain and spinal cord congenital malformations are collectively referred to as tuberculosis malformations. One of the most common such disorders is the open spine, which is the cause of conduct in children. From the point of view of prevention, it is best to start at least one to three months before your planned conception. intake of folic acid 400 mg daily, which may reduce the chance of nerve-rupture disorders by up to half. in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (infarction, cerebral catastrophes, peripheral malignancies), among others cervical cancer, kidney problems, colon cancer, cancer of the pancreas, and breast dissolved in watercontained in numerous plants or animal diets in varying amounts. The most well-known of these are asparagus, asparagus, beans, lentils, pepper, oranges, tomatoes, different leafy greens, hazelnuts. Folic acid content derivatives available in pharmacy without a baby.
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