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Folic acid can also be good against heart disease

Folic acid can also be good against heart disease

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Folic acid-fortified foods can protect against certain congenital heart disease, a study published in an American journal suggests.

Folic acid is very useful

Folic acid is vitamin B9, vitamin M. Pregnant women have a particularly important role to play because the process of closing the developing embryonic spine, the tubule, in the early stages of pregnancy is only correct in the presence of folic acid. Йppen ezйrt the kismamбknak ajбnlott egyйbkйnt the folic acid pуtlбsa.Az Egyesьlt Бllamokban pйldбul it ajбnljбk that you have already nхk the terhessйgьk elхtt kezdjйk a hуnappal pуtolni folic acid to megelхzzйk baby agyбban or gerincйben by lйtrejцvх szьletйsi rendellenessйgeket.Egy nemrйg released tudomбnyos publikбciу however, folic acid is not only important for this reason. According to a study in the American Heart Association's magazine, it also protects against congenital heart disease. influential factors such as maternal age, twin birth, and pregnancy complications were also observed. Their results showed that Fatty acid intake reduced the incidence of congenital heart disease by 11 percent.There are many times more folic acid-rich foods for expectant mothers and women who are planning to become pregnant. Folic acid foods typically include spinach, brussels sprouts, succulents, beans, peas, cabbage, but also lemon, kiwi, oranges. When returning in green form, be careful not to overcook them, as in this case the valuable folic acid is destroyed. (Via)