They are able to identify the words of the Newborn

They are able to identify the words of the Newborn

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We are able to select words from the continuous speech, and we are born with this ability. We didn't know that until now.

Before your baby speaks his first words, he must select them from the continuous speech. However, there are no clear, unambiguous boundaries in your speech. In the past, it was light that babies are more likely to be able to identify words in the middle of their first year of life, but we have not known that this ability is born to us or the brain.They are able to identify the words of the Newborn The University of Liverpool, the University of Manchester and the Italian SISSA Research Institute and the French Center for Neurospin have been playing sound recordings on infants with a staggering number of members in their streams. By a procedure - near infrared spectroscopy - we find out which parts of the brain are activated while listening to the recording. This helps us to figure out where the end is and where a start begins. Another technique used by babies is language statistics, which are used to calculate how often voices are avoided in a mouth. " to learn how your baby is watching, "he said Alissa Ferry, a researcher at the University of Manchester. The discovery is very important for getting to the first level of language learning.Related articles in Speech Development:
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