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Constant stress, along with many other unpleasant side effects, worsens the chances of baby bleeding. Tension-induced adrenaline can disrupt the cycle and also impair sperm training.

Stress has also been shown to impair the immune system, thus increasing the likelihood of abortion. Let's start with the difficulty: English proverb says that most homes have a skeleton in their closet - that is, there are hardly any family secrets without family. Secrets mark relationships, let's try to clear the story Stress is characterized by persistent nervousness and constant tension. There are a number of different reasons that are worthwhile and need to be addressed, because persistent stress can can result in serious health damagebecause it weakens the body's resilience.The reasons for this can be manifold. There are events that cause stress in everyone, such as a trauma, war, death or accident. There are situations that are stressful tцbbsйgnйl jбrnak, they may be hйtkцznapi йlethelyzetek than kцzlekedйs, munkavйgzйs.Йletьnk more fordulуpontjai, those that we vбlasztottunk, but pose a serious vбltozбst (kцltцzйs, hбzassбg, бllбsvбltoztatбs, gyerekvбllalбs) szintйn jбrhatnak stress. The biggest risk factor is life situations that we have no control over, irreversible. In the case of persistent stress, not only is the immune system weakened, but anxiety, panic, and depression can also develop. She has blood pressure, accelerates her metabolism.As an excitement, mainly in the first trimester, there is some anxiety, some about the fetus, some about the role of the new, changed. This can be considered to be completely normal to a certain extent. However, persistent anxiety it also affects the fetus: can reduce immune system depression, asthma, allergies.A lesser but equally poignant atmosphere creates the unspoken, constantly floating but unspoken grievances. Better get rid of them! Take the furniture and formulate what it is, of course, so that you do not get stuck in the soul of our environment.

Stress has an effect on the family

If you do not go "home", seek the help of a psychologist or, if necessary, a qualified family therapist. If there is no other way to reduce the causes of stress, do it for yourself. One way to do this is to promise that we are only nervous about what we can influence. Be independent of the things that matter to you.On the "change of life" countless stress-relieving method we can acquire (yoga, meditation, autogenous training, dance and other annual manifestations) or "soothing effect" services (massage, sauna, acupuncture, homeopathy). Sometimes regular, calm, and thoughtful reading can do the same. Stress-relieving techniques can be learned, and working on coping strategies is worthwhile.