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In the hallway is the life-size man of the Duties Councilor Stahlbaum. Csaba Teszárek out of this a few minutes ago. A fourteen-month-old boy, if he was there, he hardly knew where Dad was and what he did there.

Tablets Csaba Bobbins (30)
Your child: Csaba Бron Teszbroek (14 hrs)
Wife: Bookmaker Adviser in Khmelnitsky

Csaba TeszÁrek studied cinematography at the University of Theater and Film in Budapest.
- I loved the children's house too. I think the magic has caught me, and it still hasn't been lost to me, even if it's time for me to do the miracle. In this cold, technocratic world, we are creating a fluid medium, says the snooze. - I also like the fact that we work with noble materials, as literature, music, and skillfully articulate play also play a role. In this vivid art, in the theater, we are giving the children a first, definite position. It is a great responsibility, but I also enjoy my work.
Csaba Teszárek has been playing with children for almost a decade, but what it is like to raise a child of his own is still being learned.
- My little boy is now starting to explore the world around him. Jump, as you always spit on the subject I have. Be it the guitar that has the mid-pins of the sound and the laughter of hearing the sound on my phone or the book that I hold in my hand. Continued pack. I think he is both attentive and excited. He also entertains himself with a pet bottle. Attention five, I'm learning how to play so that when I need it I can turn it on. She loves the goodbye game when I come across a board. It is a creative thing for me to play with the children with great patience. Not because I'm a bass player, the reverse is probably true. I became color because I have a sense of the game and here I am not thinking about acting.
Tebes Csabab has a definite vision of his father's office, but when he is with his son, he never thinks that music education is going on, and now he puts literature in the tiny head. He thinks, at this age, it's important to have a sense of belonging, the warmth of the one.
- I deal with it in my daily life. Of course you get a music teacher because I play guitar too, I also get music. There are a few demanding addresses on this shelf as well. Mozart, whom he regularly listened to in his mom's tummy, still recognizes him. I think movement is important, and we have come to revisit it. But it was more of an active form of our union than a sport. At other times, we just stand in the window and watch the cars that crashed and show him the dogs. Christmas was a big magic, the first one was real. For him, for us too.