That's how formabedobу develops

That's how formabedobу develops

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Form-fitting play is a basic piece of play music for 1-2 year olds. Why buy it? What does this classic dolls develop?

That's how formabedobу developsA 12-month-old baby can accurately swipe the subject and obtain anything. In this idхszakban child kйzьgyessйgйnek fejlхdйse йrkezik an important бllomбsбhoz: hьvelyk- йs mutatуujja will kцzй the tбrgyakat, that lassankйnt kйpes felcsippenteni will appear on the fingertips of smaller jбtйkokat.Hamarosan kйt tбrggyal tцrtйnх egyidejы cselekvйs even when you remove it, цsszerakja, or puts egymбsra egymбsba put things, toys. The 1-3 year old kid is eager to practice his new abilities, and he examines many tools and toys from this point of view. At this age, we can best help you with your development by equipping yourself with the right things and games to practice this knowledge. Formabedobу is a great game for this.

How can you improve your cure?

The much-mentioned fine motor skills are an important prerequisite for later school-age education, so it is worthwhile for children who are greedy-educated to constantly develop playful tools that allow the little fingers to exercise. You will need this so that the school does not have problems with pencil catching and licking.

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Various shape-matching games can be of great help in developing small eye-to-hand coordination, and hence ease of use, as fine, coordinated movement is required to accurately position the shapes. These moves take fingerprints and also make minor rotations. The szьksйges formabedobбshoz hбromujjas fogбs kйszнti correct hasznбlatбt elх the pencil, but the szнnes formбk formaillesztйse segнti the szнnek йs the exact formбk meghatбrozбsбt is.A formabedobуk kйszьlhetnek fбbуl, mыanyagbуl are hъzhatу, tologathatу formabedobуk, sound kombinбlt jбtйkok in which geometric hagyomбnyos formбkat йs kьlцnfйle other playable figures can be thrown.

And what about the box and the box for everything?

  • We can also use pieces of molded-in pieces for fun games (for example, we can build a tower in it).
  • We can study each other's shapes one by one, and we can show the corners and edges with our hands.
  • You can draw the shapes on a larger sheet of cardboard, in which case the child will have to find the correct position on the paper.

(Kйpen: Fisher-Price Stiftif (Treasure Balls)

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