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Artificial bedding can help premature babies

Artificial bedding can help premature babies

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Revolutionary Invention can save millions of lives.

According to a WHO statistic, more than 15 million children are born prematurely every year, and at least one million people die of premature birth complications. It's no wonder that researchers are doing their best to keep that number down. Researchers at the University of Michigan have created an artificial cushion that can simulate the state of your mother's womb. The mammary gland circulates blood through a pump system between an artificial lung and the baby's bloodstream, and provides gas metabolism without mechanical ventilation.

One of the most serious risks for premature babies before the age of twenty-eight is that their lungs have not yet developed enough, says Dr. George Mychaliska, head of the University's Diagnostic and Cure Center. - If the baby's lungs are severely underdeveloped, the brain, heart, and other organs may be deprived of oxygen, which is vital for survival.

Our original idea was to try to bring your condition into the womb by artificial means. This, in turn, is a paradigm shift in our institution and in medicine. And even though we're pretty much in the early stages of developing the method, we've received a number of feedbacks that indicate it's worth moving forward, he said.
The artificial placenta has been able to keep a newborn baby alive for weeks, and the university hopes that the procedure will be perfect in the next year.When is a baby born?
Babies born before Week 37 are considered premature and subject to special examinations, even when they reach 3000 grams and appear healthy. The point at which a fetus can be rescued is constantly moving outwards. In America, it has happened that a baby born by the 24th week has been kept alive; by the week.