Phosphorus in our bones

Phosphorus in our bones

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Phosphorus is a necessary, even indispensable, substance in our body, but one of the greatest dangers of our modern diet is the excessive intake of phosphorus. How is this?

Numerous vitamins also need trace elements for the proper development of bones

Important phosphorus

Phosphorus, after calcium, is the second most abundant mineral in the body: 700 grams of it is found in an adult in the form of inorganic and organic phosphates. The largest portion, 80-85 percent, when incorporated into the bones, is in the form of inorganic phosphorus microcrystals and serves to stabilize the bones and teeth. It is an organic binder of some proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes and certain B vitamins. It also plays a significant role in the functioning of the nervous system, in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, in energy storage and in transmission.

How much phosphorus is needed?

Medium absorption: 50-70 percent of the dietary intake of dietary phosphorus can be eliminated; it has a bad effect, because when they enter, they dissolve phosphate in a poorly soluble form. THE the amount of intake needed it varies with age and health, and as with calcium intake, it may increase with age, and with certain diseases and conditions, you may need more. Бtlagosan 700 mg viszonyнtva the ajбnlott input йrtйk.A calcium kцrьlbelьl same amount should be entered belхle but csecsemхkorban the calcium needs to be more tцbbnek йs childhood (if such a korъ child tбplбlunk only high foszfortartalmъ tehйntejjel, sъlyos izomgцrcsцkkel jбrу бllapot, hypocalcemia lйphet up nбla) . The ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 1-1.5: 1.


In children, phosphorus deficiency can cause growth retardation, bone and tooth decay, and rickets. THE symptoms of phosphorus deficiency are similar to the symptoms of calcium and vitamin D deficiency: can lead to weight loss, fatigue, and muscle weakness at all ages. Phosphorus deficiency can remain hidden for a long time as the body is able to move the phosphorus found in the bones. That is why it is so called because of its consistently low phosphate intake "fasting bone healing" It may develop phosphorus deficiency, including excessive alcohol consumption, clinical nutrition, and excessive use of diuretics.

What Foods Should I Include?

Phosphorus can be found in almost all foods, to a lesser or greater extent in milk, dairy products, meat, and vegetable foods, so that there is no deficit. Some foods may contain more than 1000 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams. Wheatgrass contains, for example, 1100 mg and wheat bran contains 1143 mg but has a high content of phosphorus in white beans (426 mg), peas (375 mg), soybeans (550 mg), feta cheese (400 mg). such as Emmental (627 mg), Oily Sardine (434 mg), Pistachio (500 mg), Paradium (674 mg) and Di (410 mg).

Calcium rabies

Much more dangerous is the excessive intake, causing the calcium calcium phosphorus to overturn, the calcium deficiency to develop. The food industry, in particular in the form of acidified, stabilized and dense additives, uses more and more phosphorus, generally phosphoric acid. A lot of phosphorus can be found, for example, in canned foods, snacks, salami, processed cheeses, preserves, other preparations and soda drinks. There is also the danger of excessive intake of blackheads and caffeine. Excessive increases in phosphorus levels in the body prevent the entry of calcium into the bones, thereby contributing to the loss of bone. Patients with renal insufficiency are particularly at risk because poorly functioning kidneys are not able to select for excess phosphorus and elevated levels of phosphorus in the blood trigger bone destruction processes.Forrбs: Dr. Bnru Gyцrgy, dr. Lindner Károly: Nutrition Table