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Great guide to baby shopping

Great guide to baby shopping

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The greatest treasure

Are you sure I'm expecting a baby?
Modern pregnancy tests show good results in almost all cases, but most of them declare themselves officially pregnant after the cuneiform examination. Missing menstruation, frequent peeing, breast augmentation, week 6 nausea, sudden heartburn, odor sensation are typical signs of pregnancy, not to mention women.Pregnancy care "starts"
First, a medical certificate from the pregnant woman will be required, including the age of the embryo. This certificate, as well as the results of the ultrasound lab test, must be applied for by the locally competent medical practitioner from whom we receive the "Little Book", the pregnant mother's care book.
What examinations are carried out during pregnancy?
Blood, urine, and ultrasound tests are performed in each trimester. At week 16, hepatitis screening and blood group screening are performed. At week 26, you will have your blood glucose test screened for your pregnant diabetes screening.
What did we see at the ultrasound?
Ultrasound examination is one of the most advanced methods of modern medicine. A special probe is used to direct radiation into the belly of a pregnant woman, and then the sound waves are reflected from the various layers of the chemical layer. Thus, the size, location, functioning of the fetus, the amount of fetal water can be determined.
Are you pregnant?
The baby is sure to be crazy - although many people fear it. But the way the mother or father relates to sex during pregnancy has completely changed. There are some who reject it completely and want it more than ever. In some cases, it was not recommended to have a partner - for example, a pregnant woman.
Are you into a sporty lifestyle?
There is no general rule, the maternal fitness and health status of the decision. If your body is signaling any change, talk to your doctor about what to do and don't risk unnecessarily. No matter what kind of sport you are in: riding, parachuting, skating, for example, can be extremely dangerous.
When will I be born?
First the pen, note: add the first day of the last menstrual period, subtract three months and add one year. This number is valid over an average (28-day) cycle.
Did you know that…
… The currency that someone will be born on the day you are counting is all in it? Most babies will be born before and after the next two weeks.
Need that many vitamins, iron, magnesium?
Not obligatory! They are generally useful, but some vitamins can be taken in excess, in some cases iron may be beneficial. Dietary supplements should be taken in the light of their health and laboratory results.
What's on the table?
Certainly you do not need to eat two people, but rather the quality and composition of your diet. One of the safest signaling systems is the mother herself, because in this case too, the body is well aware of what it needs. Dieting is only necessary in special cases (diabetes, hypertension, overweight), but none of the diets is the same as diet!
What happened to my breast?
During pregnancy, they become full and hard on the breast, ready for breastfeeding. If you are more comfortable, wear a good support bra. There's nothing else to do!
The truth about teeth
Previously, it has been circulated that each pregnancy comes with one tooth loss. Fortunately, this is not the case, but great care needs to be taken for teeth care. Tooth decay and inflammation can be a cause of pregnancy, so mouthwash may be part of dental care. Be sure to visit your dentist!
Choose a doctor?
Talk about this with a "hands-on" baby. There are some whom the chosen doctor gives security to, and the chosen one gives birth, but there are also those who are better off relying on the ward. You can also influence the request with what is customary in a given birthplace. According to the protocol in the law, if you are not pregnant, you do not have to choose a doctor, and you can have a baby.
Head here, head there…
During pregnancy, serious changes occur in the female body, so it is almost certain that you will be fortunate enough to have one of the business aches, headaches, stomach ache or mild lower abdominal pain. There is no need to be scared, but in any case, discuss your problem with your patron, as pain can indicate a more serious problem.
Is 4D, 5D ultrasound just fashion or really useful?
With the help of multidimensional readers, the sex of the twelve-week-old fetus and many abnormalities can be detected. The size of some of the old organs (such as the ventricles, bladder) is most accurately measured in three, so five dimensions, and more accurate, can be made up of complex organs such as the brain or heart.


Pregnant load
Adding lemon juice to a sugar solution is a more tolerable test for a sugary glucose test. And after the exam, if you have a banana or other delicacy in your bag!
Color hair crown
Some people feel sensitive to the scalp and do not dye hair. Even then, the milling was resolved there.
Upside down
From the point of view of childbirth, it is best to place the baby upside down in the baby's head. But before she gets worried, the baby's overweight is 32-33. hitherto "faros", only after turns to "defense". There is a chance of a reversal all the way to birth.
Most pregnant women are 16-20. feels the first fetal movements between weeks. With a little movement, you can choose for louder noises or just calm. You have sleep and waking cycles, don't worry if you don't feel like kicking for a while. Decreased fetal mobility may indicate that you are having a baby.
How do I prepare for it?
This requires a bit of self-knowledge to help you decide how to best prepare you physically, mentally, or by gaining your knowledge, all by yourself or with your partner. It doesn't matter if we have time for each one. The internet has helped me a lot in my choice.
The stomach is hardening
Painless blemishes are already felt by many in the middle. These are the Braxton-Hicks concatenations, which indicate the natural functioning of bees. However, uncomfortable, painful co-morbidities can occur in the form of infections, exacerbation of the uterus (such as multiple twin pregnancies) or stress. If you feel like this, consult your doctor.
Did you know that…
… A number of experiments prove that the fetus recognizes her mother in more than one voice?