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10 Things to Do When Visiting a Newborn Baby

10 Things to Do When Visiting a Newborn Baby

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The fresh parents are undoubtedly happy and proud, but they are by far the most tired. Since you have neither the power nor the energy to go for walks or confrontations, we recommend you take our advice instead!

10 Things to Do When Visiting a Newborn Baby

1. Don't kiss the baby, especially on the mouth!

Perhaps it is caused by the release of oxytocin, which is most often perceived as having to be immediately starved of, and kissing the little newcomer. But damn you don't do it! Mostly this and not the face or the mouth! If you want to kiss the baby everywhere, you must first ask your parents for permission, and do so at the foot of your feet. The newborns' immune system is still very underdeveloped and very sensitive to bacilli and viruses. Research has shown that even those who have been vaccinated against influenza can carry the virus for up to 6 weeks without any symptoms.

2. Do not drink any hot drinks while your baby is in your hand

It is also terrible to think about what if you accidentally sip hot milk on your little head. Not to say you don't drink tea, only if you have one, do it when you don't have the Newborn baby in your arms.

3. Leave your children at home

I believe your children are true little angels, but if parents don't mention it when invited, don't take them with them for a baby visit! A family of a newborn newborn lives in a completely different world, a little out of the box, so you don't expect to be left out if you have two or more hyperactive homosexuals.

4. Don't think your hands are clean

It may look like it, but unless you wash it for less than a minute, it's probably buzzing with the bacik. Just think about what you got on the way up, and now imagine a baby with a very dense immune system strapped together with this baci hand.

5. Don't wake up the baby

Certainly, some can do just that, just to see the little little eyes of the baby. Don't be so tactless! Babies sleep an average of 18 hours a day, and this relaxation is indispensable for proper development. Not to mention that it is conceivable that his parents had a bit of anesthesia across the urn. If you wake up, we are sorry that you will not be invited to add more.

6. If you are sick, stay home

Evidently, many people will flinch if they "only" have a small view. But it is also contagious, especially in the case of a newly born baby. Fatigue in the first few weeks often results in a weakened immune system in the parents, and probably the last thing they need to do in addition to a lot of work and bedtime to deal with a disease. Don't risk it at all: if you are not 100% healthy, you should cancel your visit!

7. Don't leave your cup behind

When you're gone, there is no sign that the baby's family has ever been there. Throw away the gift wrap paper you bring, wash your tray and make sure fresh parents do not have to do anything extra that you were there.

8. Do not frighten your breastfeeding mother

Breastfeeding is a very sensitive topic, and often newborn mothers feel a little uncomfortable with the situation because they may not be as experienced as they are. If they stay in the room while breastfeeding, then if they leave, they are. If your mom has chosen to breastfeed before you, just act naturally, keep an eye contact and keep talking (but don't stop breastfeeding).

9. Don't ignore the meal time

Yes, babies cry when they are hungry, but this is not the first sign they want to breastfeed. Fat is actually a very small sign that can make breastfeeding difficult, so if you are aware that when you look for the little baby, your mouth will concentrate on the little food, and you will feel anxious. Give it back to your mom and let them do their thing.

10. Don't stay too long

As a general rule, we recommend that you never stay longer than 2 urns when visiting a newborn. Many parents, however, still praise it. Pay attention to the signs (talking down, talking to the baby, for example, bathing), and if you feel that the time is right, wake up and say you have to go slowly. There is no reason for blasphemy, even if you are kindly asked to go, think about when (and for how long) they have not slept. Always keep an eye on your eyes when visiting a baby (VIA)Related articles in Baby Visiting:
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