Sneaky sperm killers

Sneaky sperm killers

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The cause of male infertility is often unknown, but there is some suspicion that negatively influences male fertility. Let's see what they are.

Sneaky sperm killers

Medicines containing ibuprofen

Recently, a study has been published that ibuprofen-containing drugs can cause male infertility - although the hypothesis has not yet been tested. According to the study, changes in luteinized hormone levels have been observed in those who have been using drugs containing ibuprofen for a longer period of time, and this hormone is responsible for the production of testosterone. Although there is no unambiguous cause-and-effect relationship, it is still a big hit.

Careful passions

Alcohol and smoking negatively affect male fertility, reduce sperm count and reduce quality. There is growing evidence that the use of marijuana can cause male infertility. Prohibited drugs, from methamphetamine to cocaine, are also harmful to sperm, both functionally and in quality.

Artificial testosterone intake

First of all, it is of interest that testosterone is a problem: while the natural testosterone hormone is vital for the production of sperm, it is only when it is administered externally (in the form of a drug, gel or injectable) It works functionally in male fertility: the number of sperms is so low or even zero because it inhibits the production of natural testosterone hormone.

Health problems down there

Testicular feedback or, for example, disease of the semen leads can all cause infertility. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that men with these often congenital diseases cannot have children, and they can not start a family through artificial insemination.


Untreated diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction, reduce testosterone production, result in lower quality sperm, and your own. can cause retrograde ejaculation (or otherwise called dry orgasm). The latter means when the sperm goes into the bladder during the orgasm instead of losing penis. Thus, the ejaculate contains no or only very few ondules.


Obesity can also cause diabetes, heart problems, or hormonal problems, all of which undermine male fertility. Obesity can also lead to erectile dysfunction, decreased testosterone production and reduced spermatozoa. However, experts also point out that excessive weight loss can upset the body, which can also cause sperm production.

Environmental hazards

Especially heavy metals, but countless chemicals have a lethal effect on sperm, e.g. insecticides, BPA or Bisphenol A. It is impossible to eliminate all harmful substances, but it is very important that we pay attention to what we bring into our bodies and into our homes.

Lifestyle and nutrition

When it comes to fertility, it is not just about eating right and exercising every day, but also about sleeping well and avoiding stress. All in all, what is good for the body as a whole, and good for sperm, which is beneficial and healthy, also has a positive effect on fertility. (Source of article can be found here)Related articles about Male Productivity:
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