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Male contraception: the defense of women's business

Male contraception: the defense of women's business

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Men are also more likely to have unwanted pregnancies than STDs, yet more than a quarter (27%) generally do not take care of themselves and another 13% regularly forget about it.

Whose job is it about conception?

According to international research, men's attitudes change dramatically after having a child: fatherhood is already seen as one of conscious responsibility in family planning. йszbe receive Kйsхn: tбjйkozottsбg on fogamzбsgбtlбssal leginkбbb йs 35-45 йvesekre the diplomбsokra by jellemzх.A szakйrtхk you have already kezdetektхl should pay attention to the ismeretterjesztйsre there Magyarorszбgon since the kimagaslу tinйdzserterhessйgek arбnya, it йs rйszben the fйrfiaknak valу megfelelйsi kйnyszerrel magyarбzhatу. 38% of young people, due to the inconvenience of using condoms and the hormone content of reliable methods, opt for intermittent mediation.
Knowledge of modern contraceptives would help a great deal: for many people, the presence of a hormone in the vagina, which is very advanced, works much better for the body because it avoids the liver. The hormone content that can be used by many teenagers nowadays is completely unnoticed by both.
Half of the 20-year-olds live their sexual lives on a weekly basis, and every tenth Hungarian young person lives a sexual life, yet the age group 18-24 is the least familiar with the methods of protection and how to use them properly.
In the rejection of conception, inadequate sexual education and inadequacy of sex also often play a role in men's compliance. 80% of men are disturbed by the inconvenience of using the condom, while half of the women have experienced excessive libido, weight gain or weight loss when taking a contraceptive pill. Application and anxiety due to side effects can also have an effect on intimate equality, so many women will eventually abandon safe sex. The problem can also be addressed in alarming domestic statistics: there are 40 abortions per 100 inhabitants in the whole population and 80 abortions in the population below the age of 19.
One-third of men have no idea which method can cause discomfort for women. The 35-45 year olds, the graduates and the families are the most conscious, but the number of the new ones does not influence the awareness: there is no significant difference in the attitude of one or more children.
"The men who are interested in the defense question are mostly afraid of the solution they hold in hand. inside device in case of something in danger. " - said Dr. Gyorgy Szynyi, President of the Feminine Prevention Scientific Society, who also pointed out that more than one-third of men have never heard of (37%), most of them are generally unaware.
"Civil munkбm sorбn often szembesьlцk the fйrfiak tбjйkozatlansбgбval the hьvelygyыrыt pйldбul elsхre many mixed цssze the pйniszgyыrыvel, йs gondoljбk that the х йlmйnyьk szolgбlja fokozбsбt, belьli the hormontartalmъ mйhen eszkцzrхl and mйg never even heard of released sex is placed in the vйdekezйs elй. Unfortunately, because of the lack of sexual education, the majority of women are not clear about their choices, and their knowledge, like that of a male, is down to the tablet. - continues Dr. Győrgy Szхnyi.
According to the majority of men, it should not be difficult to take the tablet every day. The essential thing is that a man should be good: 38% of 18-29 year olds regularly stop intermittent, although every third woman is not very tired. Men are less concerned with the efficacy of defensiveness: they have just found that they have not been able to release themselves completely for similar reasons.
Even the most common hormonal pill can cause a lot of headaches: stomach upset, diarrhea, alcohol consumption, or even one missed eye can significantly reduce your confidence. One in two women thinks they are unable to take at the same time every day, and many, even with beginner pills, regularly miss an eye. Men explained all of this with female mood swings, and they all agreed that it could be difficult to take the tablet at the same time every day.
"Full mйrtйkben korosztбly during the Thirty йv mindцssze quarters elйgedett love йletйvel every eight Hungarian explicitly takes the intimate egyьttlйtektхl. This fхkйnt tбjйkozatlansбg on fogamzбsgбtlбssal, poorly megvбlasztott vйdekezйsi eszkцz and ezekbхl fakadу concerns нrhatу szбmlбjбra the kцrьltekintх vйdekezйs because It is important for couples to make a direct decision in this request as well, since they are all concerned about the issue of conception.
There are a number of methods that, when used correctly, are not only reliable but also unobtrusive: those who are disturbed by everyday attention, have a hormone content inside their device and have a good solution for the vagina. "