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Dad can be depressed after childbirth

Dad can be depressed after childbirth

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One-tenth of men suffer from depression after the baby is born. With typical fairy-tale symptoms.

A British man has been freed from his six-month-old baby boy after he claimed he suffered from post-natal depression - the BBC reports, Mark Bruton-Young his case drew attention to the hardships of fatherhood.One in seven women struggles with postpartum depression, but the British Fatherhood Institute According to the study, one in ten males also experiences depression after or before childbirth. The peak of paternal depression is three to six months after the birth of a baby.
- Like women, men struggle with the life-changing changes that come with having a baby - she wants Adrienne Burgess, head of the institute. - Hormones, sleep deprivation, increased responsibility, and general stress in life can be present in men as well as in women. If they are depressed, they are more likely to become depressed, too, but the father's depression may begin when a couple becomes pregnant when their relationship changes. The Father may feel left out, or even omitted, while our partners are paying more attention. After childbirth, the mother feels that she is more nappy-friendly than the father, and is therefore criticized by her partner.
- Do not think that this will undermine male confidence - he explains Liz Wise tanбcsadу. The process can lead to the man not offering more help, the couple's communication collapses, they are mutilated.
Not everyone understands fatherhood in the sense that it is a life-changing event, just like motherhood. According to Burgess, at the time of pregnancy the abbot should be more involved in the preparation;

Dads can also be depressed

Mom and dad may feel fatigued, upset, and unworthy, and may have a different mind, but they may react differently to these sensations and make it more difficult to recognize signs.
In general, depressed men should be considered angry, even though women are sad. According to experts, too much drinking, coping, and stroke can be signs of depression in men.Baby Room: It makes it harder for us to think so much today: men don't talk about their senses. So, only the tense woman, and not only the parents know, we should be happy. It is better to prepare for the hardships before birth, so Dad can do better. If you are a business enthusiast, visit a group of nuns before your baby is born.
It's worth looking for books too, Dad I'll be a great choice!