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8 surprising facts about post-pregnancy sex

8 surprising facts about post-pregnancy sex

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Men are very bloody, but there are two sensations in women about first sex after childbirth. Here are 8 things you better know.

It may not be like postpartum sex as you expect

You may be just as excited about the first sex you have after giving birth as if you were doing it for the first time in your life. In fact, you may have thoughts in your head like "God, you're sure to be really sick", "The lamp is sure to stay off" or "What do I do if I get pregnant again?". All you do is make a sheet that your breasts are straining from milk like two chunks of water and get the finest touch (ergo not the middle of your back) it won't always be that way! In the meantime, we've collected some great truths that will make it easier for both of you to "get back" if you are clear.

1. Probably not good at first

Hormones can cause some problems, regardless of whether they are born naturally or by beans. "Pain can also stem from trauma related to childbirth, but it is also compounded by reduced elasticity of the vaginal tissue that develops due to low levels of estrogen," he says. dr. Rebecca Booth, American Females.Immediately after birth, estrogen levels begin to flutter and remain low during lactation. "If the mother is breastfeeding, especially in the beginning, a decrease in estrogen production with high levels of prolactin oxytocin in the first two to three months can cause virtually menopausal symptoms," says Dr. Booth. "Night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and often pain can occur." If you feel ready - which may not happen after six weeks - you may experience it. Most moms mention the following three things: a glass of wine, a good dose of humor, and loads of celebrity.

2. There's a reason you don't bother so much

Sleep deprivation, relationship transitions, and acceptance of body changes are all factors that generally do not help you to feel an irresistible appetite for bed sheets. "Breastfeeding is associated with an increase in oxytocin production, which not only feeds the baby's good senses, but also greatly enhances libido," says dr. Booth. "The purpose of nature is to prevent another pregnancy coming too soon. My clients, hearing this, generally gas up that there is some biological reason for not wanting sex. "

3. Things down there might be a little bit changed

Depending on how many times you are born, a little "you freak out". "Women born with cesarean are not exceptional either, as hormones during pregnancy make the pelvis somewhat accessible," says dr. Booth. That is why women who are quick to release the pleats taken during pregnancy will not fit into their pants for even a couple of months. If you get cold from Kegel exercises (gothic gymnastics), try Pilates. "Exercises that focus on the lumbar muscles also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles," he adds.

4. Sex is more important now than ever

"If there is no intimacy or only very few, then couples may start to feel like they are living in a roommate, which is by no means a good thing. Ami Levine, American sex coach. "In the beginning, stroking and caressing are also perfectto awaken the thirst, and when we are ready, we can gradually move towards loving direction. male and female / one pair.

5. Fast going will be your best friend

You may have forgotten the foreshadowing of the caverns for a while, but that's not really that bad. "Because you already know each other well, let your couple start and try to focus on the moment," says Levine. Don't let your thoughts flutter and start thinking about when you need to feed your little one, or whether you've put on the laundry right now. " try to stay in the present"Levine advises." In addition to the bedroom bed, the bathroom can be relaxed, or even the hallway. "

6. Duties Can Be New "Evenings"

"By the time I went to bed most of the time I was so tired that I didn't bother to read a line from my current book, let alone have sex," he says. Maryanne in the post-natal period, the mother of two children. "So I kept rejecting my poor husband, which made me feel very bad." Later they realized that child's sleeping position the best time for a little hummingbird. "We were both very relieved of it, and this little ritual that we've always been looking forward to has survived."

7. It may be better than you think

There are many women who claim to have sex much more after childbirth than before. You may have a hard time figuring it out now, though you may experience it over time. A possible explanation: "Parenting awakens a number of new senses, our bodies, including the vagina, feel much more sensitive, which is why our orgasms can be stronger as well"says Levine.

8. You will want it again

Believe in how you will be able to sleep again, even make friends, so you will have sex again sooner or later. "Give yourself time to" grow up "and adapt to your new roles," he says Christi, a mother of two with her first child having a very difficult time managing her sexual life. "Be open and honest with each other and remind yourself that you may not like sex many times, but if you talk about yourself later, you will want to try again not to postpone it again." situation, like the bridegroom after. "The point comes when you realize that with children, life will always be chaotic, there must be a place for a bit of yelp, relaxation or just making love, whenever possible, "adds Christi.Related articles about sex after childbirth:
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