8 Things You Need to Know About Men's Productivity

8 Things You Need to Know About Men's Productivity

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The male dimension is half of the infertility cases. There are innumerable reasons for malignancy, let's see what are the causes and influencing factors.

These could cause male infertilityHealth.com has asked experts to determine what signs, causes, and influences can affect men's fertility and infertility. These are the ones we wrote about.

How much sex is important?

It doesn't matter how much sex you have or whether your couple is masturbating. Sperm quality does not depend on this. Most men produce 1000 sperm per second, regardless of how often ejaculation occurs.


Many things can affect sperm count and fertility. In a healthy ejaculate, approx. There are 15-20 million sperm per milliliter. If you have that number, you have a good chance of succeeding in fertilization.

There are no early warning signs

There are no specific symptoms of male infertility, but there are conditions that may cause you to be suspicious. If your male partner has ever had a baby-free operation, has had a cure for a cancerous disease, then you have a greater risk of being unproductive. In this case, it is worth thinking about something wrong with your partner. In these cases, it is worth going for an examination.

Fertility may also depend on your health

It is possible that the low sperm count is caused by some other disease. This is typically true for men with type 2 diabetes, those with low testosterone levels, hormonal problems, or some sexually transmitted disease.

Specific organic cause

A common cause of male infertility is the scrotum of the scrotum, who often has small amounts of sperm and poorly moving sperm. There is another way to remedy this problem, cure it, and recreate the problem in only 1 percent of the cases.


Infertile couples are usually surprised that depression also affects fertility.
An American study shows that couples where a man was not depressed were twice as likely to become pregnant than men who were depressed. The cause is not fully understood, but it is clear from the sexual disturbances that taking antidepressants can impair fertility.


No, not only women affect fertility on body weight, but also men. Researchers at Stanford University and NICHD have found that obesity and sperm count are correlated. In fact, body weight can also be a factor in an inverse position: it also affects the sperm count of too thin men.


They all have a very negative influence on smoking, affect the protein content of sperm in males and also affect sperm DNA. The same goes for marijuana use: it changes the shape and speed of sperm.
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