Fighting complaints in the heat seasonBelarus allergies

Fighting complaints in the heat seasonBelarus allergies

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Fighting complaints in the heat seasonBelarus allergies

With the start of the heating season, we stay in the warmest home after work and in our free time. It does not matter what the indoor environment and the quality of the room air we are talking about.

In addition, allergies may be accompanied by complaints related to the heating season. Children's allergies (mainly egg allergy in infants, especially dust mite allergy in children over 2 years of age) ekcйmбhoz. In the case of eczema, the skin is dry, itchy, and inflamed. Symptoms may be exacerbated by the heat season, mainly due to the dryness of the air. Dry air also requires mucous membranes of the duodenum, and in such cases, we may wake up with a sensitive, scraped-up, headless throat, even if we do not have sore throat. At this point, the room air is paired.However, the conversion should not be overpowered, because the humid warm air promotes the growth of dust mites and molds, which can exacerbate respiratory allergic symptoms in those who are sensitive. Respiratory allergies are a significant cause of indoor allergies, especially dust mites, leaf epilepsy, germ cells, etc. means the chosen reason. The ideal humidity is 40-60 percent in a heated home. This can be best controlled by room humidification. On the other hand, some of the mites spray the water in such a way that the fine spray can catch the bacteria, which can be a further source of infection. Therefore, it is advisable to use room-humidified tools that spray water droplets to a very small size so that they cannot adhere to bacteria. The aerosol dispersion is such that it does not have the characteristic white powder of the ultrasonic transponders, which is mainly formed by precipitation of calcium carbonate dissolved in water. If it is important to eliminate bacteria and other noxious substances, then it is good to have an appropriate filter for indoor use. In addition to the ideal humidity in the room air, it is also important that no more polluting particles are present in the room, which will damage the overall health of the room.

Atkykk: Dust mite, flour mite

Mites, which are related to crabs and other arthropods, are almost invisible to the eye. It can also be found in house dust and other flour rich in carbohydrates, such as flour mites, powder mites and dust mites. from detached sperm cells, dietary crumbs, powdered meal, etc. tбplбlkoznak. They multiply rapidly, especially at 25 degrees Celsius and relative humidity above 60 degrees, because they can lay eggs. Under these conditions, at night, the surface of the bed mattress is kept close to the mattress, and during the day, it is rested inside the mattress. In the case of mite allergy, allergies are caused by the mucous cells and certain white blood cells of the mite (dust mite, flour mite).

Home Practices Alleviate Allergic Symptoms

In the case of house dust mite allergy, the first step in allergen-free treatment may be to reduce dusty surfaces. (Washable furniture, carpets, textile curtains instead of carpets, etc…) In addition to washing unnecessary pleats for children, it is also possible to wash nicer pieces. In light sunny days, save eg. also packaged in plastic foil can also be used to kill mites. The main source of mite in the bedroom is the bed mattress. People with allergies to dust mites should use a new mattress, unfortunately old mattresses cannot be effectively cleaned of dust that has accumulated significantly over the years. The growth of mites in the mattress can be slowed down with both local filters (mattress padding foil and non-dusty bedding) - but also a very effective method to keep your grandparents in mind: accumulate body heat and body pairs (both of which favor mite reproduction).
Mites come to the room from the air in the room, so naturally the most effective way to keep mites away is to purify the indoor air and adjust the humidity, of course. It is also advisable to make sure that the room temperature does not go above 24 degrees Celsius, as the rise in temperature can facilitate the growth of the mite.
Indoor air purifiers can clean the air at home and at work. However, several varieties are known. If you are considering such an investment, you should definitely consult with a professional before buying. Air-purifying equipment, or room humidifiers, or a combination thereof, can be a good complement to medication, which can reduce the amount of medication, significantly reduce or relieve symptoms. (X)
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