Pregnancy: linea nigra, or drooping on the tummy

Pregnancy: linea nigra, or drooping on the tummy

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The appearance of the vertical brown line on the abdomen surprises many little ones. What is linea nigra (or linea negra) and why does it develop? Need to worry about it?

The dark stomach that appears during pregnancy is one of the next changes that will surely surprise a prospective mother. (According to statistics, about 75% of pregnant women are affected.) Linea nigra (called black line) on the tummy, it puts itself in a vertical position, from the sender to the eyelid. As the weeks go by, the length of the pregnancy may increase, and the sender may start to look over it. Its width is usually a few millimeters, but it is usually up to 1 cm. When it comes to birth, first childbirths are almost sure to either ask them about their pregnancy or get on the net right now: We collected the most common questions and answers about linea nigra.

Linea nigra is present in three quarters of pregnant women

What does linea nigra develop?

You may be surprised, but this line (linea alba) she was there before, but she didn't look. Pregnancy increases the level of estrogen in your body, which in turn stimulates melanin production. Melanin (a pigment) is responsible for skin darkening, which also causes skin irritation in the atria of the nipples, moles, freckles, and lungs. The same change occurs in linea albino, thus forming (in Latin) linea nigra. It cannot be prevented.

When does linea negra appear?

Generally, it appears lightly during the 15th week of pregnancy and then gets stronger. Generally speaking, darker skins are darker in color and darker in lighter skin and hair in mothers. Sunburn has increased pigmentation, darkens the line.It is recommended to pay extra attention to bхrvйdelemre: Apply sunscreen and sunbathe for a long time!

Do you forget the sting?

Yo hnr: a disappears without trace after birthbut not all - you can count on a gradual thinning. It may be understandable that you want to get your stomach back to its original state after birth, not so impatient! The first weeks run fast. After high birth processes in your body, after birth, darkness will be the least of your worries. You may also be interested in:
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