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Rocking is also improving

Rocking is also improving

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The body's balance is the cornerstone of our most important abilities. Children who are often irritated by their balancing organs have a better brain.

Rocking is a super and very useful game for both small and big kids

The more mobility you give your child, the better his / her balance will be, as well as his / her entire nervous system. hintбzбstbut not afterwards! If you only like the finer movement, slowly and gradually discover more exciting games. Possibly weak horse riding in your area first. Swing on the playground, in the room, or even on your foot - rhythmic forebrain, moving up and down will improve your balance even if you are pushing the swing. You move the movement with sentences and support speech development at the same time. When swinging, the baby will feel where he is, back, up and down, but he will find after a lot of practice proper rhythm the swing is self-propelled. This requires coordination, concentration, and direction, as well as many other mental activities: to read or comment on the word "." When swinging, the child gains the necessary experience. The upper body and the toes should be synchronized with the brain. First, select the two movements, and only listen to the foot or upper body, encourage it now, forwards, backwards. Twist the rope a few times on one side so you can try the spin. Rocking chairs or plastic glides even the very good little ones discover the back-and-forth delight.Related Articles:
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