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Diarrhea is a dreaded childhood disease - with incredible pain and deafness. There are countless alternatives to relieving herbal medicine, while dozens of frustrations bother starting moms.


"When I was a child, I was hit six times, with great pain every time. learning from my case, my parents did not take my doctor to childhood when I was a child. My mom put on a warm bump on her ear, her tummy tucked out by herself, and the inflammation never came back.
Learning from this, when my three-year-old girl complained of an earache one night, I took her to a doctor, but I didn't let them get in her ear. I'm not saying he had to take medication for a month, but he did! It is now wet and the inflammation has never come back! "
L. Barbara, e-mail- Not all inflammation should be screened! - confirm Dr. Csaba Réti, Chief Medical Officer of the Hungarian Reformed Church Bethesda Children's Hospital Fül-Orr-Gheorgheni. - But under certain conditions, it should not be neglected. If you have pus in the middle of the body in the middle of the stomach, and have a flabby, restless, vomiting-like condition, then neither the doctor nor the parent will benefit if you let the child suffer.
Children suffer from mild to moderate inflammation once a year for seven weeks. Young children coming into the community were particularly at risk. In fact, pneumonia Consequences of drip infection: simple eyes are worn on the eye and cause severe inflammation. Kids can catch the virus in a holy, holy, or even a breath - which is spreading very quickly in a closed community. The small anatomical equipment also helps to quickly spread the infection: short and long is the caseso the virus doesn't have to make the big trip to get to the center.
And because of their relatively larger nasal tonsils, their nasal ventilation is weaker, allowing viruses to multiply quickly in warm, moist conditions. Wandering is especially endangered because their immune systems are much weaker than school.

Can be prevented!

If you know that your child has a tendency to get ill, you have to treat simple nose as well with frequent nasal discharge. In addition, a nasal drop should prevent the generous formation of voters. And, of course, the most important thing is that you should not let the child get together until it is asymptomatic. This can take up to months.
Personal Experience of Our Specialist: My first child became ill eleven times in the wilderness when she went to wisdom. The ear had to be wiped twice - he remembers dr. Csaba Réti. "That's why my wife and I have promised that if you give birth to your little brother, we'll tear off our clothes because of poverty, but let's just wait until she's kindergarten to let her go." We didn't have such a problem with him.

When not to filter?

Many people take children for fear of ill-health during childhood, although painful treatments can be avoided in the event of a quickly discovered problem. For example, infants with their first inflammation should be treated first with an antibiotic, and if they have an improved tummy tuck after two to three days, then there is no need to filter. However, in such cases, continuous monitoring is required to prevent the inflammation of the pus in the eardrum from causing inflammation.
It's not a good idea to go to the cute doctor's box who never wipes his ear, nor is it the good doctor who catches his inflammation. If the pus has multiplied in the middle, then the caressing pain in the child will disappear immediately and the child will be relieved of order. Filters done in good times prevent relapses and heal faster.

Would you rather break out?

- There are twenty to twenty children coming to me every day, but only two or three times do I need to take my hand. It is not true that the self-drumming drummer heals better. The doctor carries out only a small incision on the tympanic membrane, helping the electorate clear. The discontinuous tympanic membrane is harder to heal, often has a hole left behind, and the worst part is, due to the movement of the inflammation, the inflammation can spread to the inside of the ear and cause permanent hearing loss.


Even today, few physicians suggest that the inflamed ear cannot be numbed, so that it infiltrates the child's ear without pain relief. There are also places where they give you pain-relieving drops but don't wait for them to work properly. Needless to say, in both cases, it is a serious pain, and with it serious trauma to the child.
You're good and professional йrzйstelenнtйs its effect is that the discharge of the ear is less painful than that of permanently inflamed inflammation. In addition to local anesthesia, a sedative tablet may be given. This is how your doctor can assure you that the baby will not be distracted by the head. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for the drugs to take effect - in less time, the pain-relieving effect is not enough! If necessary, it is possible to anesthetize the little one - but since this intervention can result in serious events, it is better to avoid it - says dr. Csaba Réti.

Home remedies

Many people treat all types of fever immediately, although this is not always good. Certain inflammation of the ear can be markedly exacerbated by heating, as it increases bloodiness, inflammation, and painful, tense sensation in the mid-closed area, and accelerates the burning of the ear. If your child does not feel better within two to three minutes of warming up and even complains of an increase in pain, he should stop immediately. Heating can only be useful in the event of a sudden headache, or the presence of a fractured tympanic membrane may help healing.
Also the droplets It is worth going around - the stone extract, anesthetized ear drops all soak the drum, reduce tension, so they are virtually useful as pain is reduced. But let's face it: all this does not eliminate the cause, it just obscures the symptoms and triggers healing.
If your child complains of severe pain and anxiety, it is advisable to provide a painkiller containing paracetamol. Ear-nasal spray may give pain-relieving syrup containing diclofenac.
Let's not forget that the best cure for personal injury, the special attention devoted to the child. Mesйljьnk him Fьlesrхl the fьlfбjуs manуrуl, gyыjtsьnk цssze a йrdekes cipхsdobozba but veszйlytelen tбrgyakat (pйldбul kimustrбlt zsebrбdiуt, rйg forgotten jбtйkokat, bigger ones fagyцngyцket йs cipхfыzхt nyaklбnckйszнtйshez), which lekцtik figyelmйt, and which can be egyьtt socket for.


  • Adults tend to pay close attention to the fact that they don't go outside without a cap - although the cap only protects the outer ears, it does not make you suffer from mild to moderate inflammation. An important point to make is how the child feels in the cap. If you do not need it, do not force it on its head.

  • Some people who are afraid of the power of the nasal powder, fear that excessive heartburn will destroy the small internal organs. You do not need to be afraid of such a good insert. And use it as often as you need a thorough nose.

Füles tips

The cause of the headache may be a foreign body, so seek medical help as soon as possible in case of pain or anxiety. In this case, of course, the child is not feverish, but his complaints should be taken seriously.
Ear-nose surgery orders are generally counted as long waits. Let's take our drink, storybook, simple little games with us. In the case of a sick child, immediate blood loss is a terrible discomfort.
If the baby refuses to breastfeed from one day to the next, or if he or she sips painfully after one or two sips, he or she should also think of moderate inflammation. Swallowing can cause pain.
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