The 20 most frequently asked questions about New Year's Eve

The 20 most frequently asked questions about New Year's Eve

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From the cleanse to the vitamins - to get the picture out of New Year's Eve.

The care of the newborn raises many questions

1.How many strokes can be considered normal for an infant? When should I take him to the doctor?

It is very important to observe the nature of lamentation - the painful lamentation is almost like a lamentation. If this is likely to be a serious problem, you should see a doctor immediately. But if your child just yells loudly and loudly, no matter how uncomfortable it is to listen to it, it is not worth calling attention, even if you do it on the ground. or maybe the mamma. Most importantly, we can distinguish between "I am hungry" and "I am cold". You don't have to put your baby on the breast as soon as you moan if you realize that you just filled your tummy! Perhaps a little caress, rocking is enough for her. Often, the fatigue also sucks. He can't fall asleep because he fell dead. A little bath often soothes, relaxes the baby massage. But sometimes it is enough for an upset, tired mom to get her young boy to rock. A lot of crying in itself is by no means a disease - no matter how anxious the parent is. If your child is crying a lot, but is eating and gaining weight, then you have to rest assured, no matter how horrible he is. It will probably grow out in less than a month.

2. I have no idea that pelus content is normal or diarrheal. What is the difference between the two? Because the little one eats only breast milk, which comes out smooth and flushes the pelvis up to six times a day.

Frequency doesn't matter - it is perfectly normal for the first two months to have a panty after every meal. What you need to watch out for is the heart of the barn: breast milky, oily. In contrast, diarrhea stools are green, luscious, possibly bulky, and much more affluent. Changing the stool by itself may not be a sign of illness - you may be aware that the child is overwhelmed, and part of the food could not be fully digested. But if in doubt, wrap the diaper in a bag and show it to the pediatrician. It is up to them to see whether the exact description is sufficient or not.

3. My mom screams that she will be screwed up if she doesn't cry for five days and give her a cap, but at least keep it safe. Should I take the council?

It depends on how big your baby is. In the neonatal period, a rare stool may indicate that little breast milk is available to the baby. After six weeks, on the other hand, it is common for a baby to digest breast milk so well that nothing goes into the pelus. If this doesn't seem to bother your baby, your stomach, your pet, then there's nothing to do. Baby massage, gentle gymnastics can help (with fine, cycling movements), but do not give him a laxative, cap, chamomile tea or anything else.Hemism is also unnecessary. No need to worry - babies' constipation is nothing more than an adult, when you end up pooping, it won't be hard or painful - the condition of a baby will be exactly like it used to be, but much more so.

4. I think my child has a white mouth inside. Could you have a spit?

Not sure. Breast milk also gently adheres to the baby's mouth. The real soup is white, plain, and not only its sweet, mouth, but inside is the whiteness of all, and this does not go away until the next feeding. It is not easy to remove - it is not enough to caress it, it must be rubbed with a fistful of mushroom soaked in the index finger before each feeding. Don't forget to treat your mother's nipple in this case to prevent the back infection!

5. I was told in the hospital that I wouldn't bother to treat the sender, but I can't believe it. If you don't mind him, why are you crying?

The vast majority of children only list when their own mother handles the sender and feel free to do the same if a doctor or a nurse does the same. Why can? Because they easily take the parents' mood. There are no nerves around the stump, so it certainly does not bother them. There is no special work to do with the stump, it should be kept clean and not treated with anything.

6. My baby can only be two, but he sleeps six hours all the time. I have no heart to wake you up. My friends are jealous of my model kid, but I'm worried. Isn't she gonna blow it out, will her butt sink if she stays in the piss pelus for so long?

If your child is healthy, you do not need to wake up again, and leave him to sleep. It is only worth waking up in the sun during the day, because if you sleep very hard you will not be able to rest at night. Buttocks do not have to be frightened because modern diapers are very well protected. And the situation is with outbreaks, because one of its symptoms may be underwear - and another sign. Frizzier skin, yellowing and light urine. But if there is no such symptom and the child eats at least eight times a day, then there is no reason for concern! The same is true for babies with starvation, who are abnormally poor, and who really need to be awakened by the least amount of breast milk, because the right amount of breast milk is important for them.

7. It can't be cosmic on my head, because I'm bathed every night! Where would it be dirty?

The denominator is: space has nothing to do with dirt. It simply means that some baby's scalps have a little more activity on the sebaceous glands. You can help easily by oiling the little head generously with an uber before bathing and stroking it back with a soft baby toothbrush. After two or three occasions, it will disappear.

8. Failure or vomiting? I have no idea what the difference is between the two!

The vomiting is far, almost radial. If you experience this, seek medical attention immediately as it may be a serious symptom at such a young age! The normal fall just falls out of the baby's mouth. But, of course, this can be an alarmingly large amount, because when mixed with the stomach, the gastric juice, it seems to have come out almost more than it went in. No need to be frightened, this is usually a normal phenomenon, especially for greedy babies who swallow a lot of air. However, if you feel that your baby is falling too much and is still developing, you should see a doctor who may have transmitted ultrasound to see if there is any illness in the background of the fall.

9. In the hospital, I was told I wouldn't dare to cut a child's gum up to six weeks because it could get infected. But he has such long scars that he permanently scratches himself. Should I keep my hands gloved all day?

I don't think gloves are a good solution, since even small babies are important to the touch. With an alcohol-swept, normal manicure, calmly cut the kid's gum, just make sure you don't want to fit it into a pretty moon-cat shape, it's better to leave it straight so it won't crack or break.

10. Blind eyes are lightened. Maybe you got a cover?

More likely, your gutter is blocked. Sometimes nasal massaging helps - but it is better to go to the ophthalmologist's office to rinse the small canal. Unfortunately, this may be necessary several times. The important thing is not to wipe the inside out, but inside out. The pus is formed in the trachea and, if it is pushed outward, runs all over the eyeball! And never forget: a towel, a cotton ball! Don't overdo it or transfer your vote to another eye!
Tip: Instead of heavily dried chamomile tea, use more boiled water or prepare a semi-clean or euphrasia officinalis wash.

11. How hot should you be at home? At the hospital, it made me feel like I was on the trunks. Do you need such a hot thing at home?

In the womb, the baby has a normal temperature of 36 degrees. As a result, they are usually a little cold. In the hospital, this transition is made easier by heating the rooms very hot, in which the moms feel a little uncomfortable. But at home, you don't have to continue with this exercise. The 22 degree room is just the right temperature, just for bathing, it's a little hotter than 25 degrees. Of course, this is only valid for normal-weight newborns - premature babies still feel better for a while if they are a few degrees warmer.

12. How many clothes to wear? How do I know you have no heat or cold?

Hand is not worth touching as it does not give accurate information. The feet are more accurate "checkers" - if you are cold, you are sure the baby is cold. It is also worthwhile to wear a little sock in the warmest weather, and give one of the coolest babies a shot underneath! Moms tend to relocate the baby, even though she has enough of an extra layer of clothing for the grown-ups. If you hit the neck and sweat the little one, you will surely have a lot of clothes on it. It is not worth relocating either, as you can get out of the heat.

13. I think fire is small. How to measure the heat?

In infancy, it is easiest to measure fever in the butt. You don't have to wait for the necessary two minutes - enough time for mercury to go up. Once stopped, it can be taken out as soon as possible. But basically the results don't have to panic, you have to subtract half of that. And below 38 degrees, you only have heat rising. If the baby has a body temperature of 0-3 months and 38 degrees Celsius or higher, or if a baby has a body temperature of 39 degrees Celsius or more at 3 to 6 months of age, a doctor should be called immediately.

14. The kid is loose - should you go to the doctor right away?

Semmikйppen! Fever cushioning is the job of the parent. The domestic recommendation and hopefully slowly the practice has changed fortunately: the fever does not basically need to be dampened. Fever syndrome, which helps to boost the immune system, defenses the body. if your body temperature is tight, then you should definitely call your doctor. We can't expect a newborn baby in these cases fever should always be taken very seriously! In addition to the doctor's report, give the baby an age-appropriate and quantity of antipyretic. Do not use cold baths or water compresses, these are outdated flame retardant methods that most babies bear.

15. The well is excited. What's wrong?

Nothing - a little skinny baby is a little alarmed when it comes to seeing the pulsating blood vessels above the fountain, but it does not indicate anything.

16. I found a small, clean-cut, short-tailed infant for babies. Can I use it safely?

Semmikйppen! Whether it is a standard or a blunt end, each one pushes the thread deeper, which can get stuck and block. It is forbidden to penetrate the baby's ears, and the eardrum comes out on its own. It is better to look at it thoroughly after every bath, and once you have started outside, help the bath with all the corners to get out. It is worthwhile to see what the baby's ears are like: it may disappear due to the accumulation of foam or ointment, even if the skin is cracked. Keep this area dry.

17. My little boy has swollen breasts completely and I think some sour milk crunches inside. How could this be?

Swelling of the breasts is common in boys and girls, and is affected by maternal hormones. Even though milk can come in, it is called the Neapolitan Witch Milk. You don't have to do anything with it, do not squeeze or push. He will die by himself. It also happens that the blood of the newborn baby comes from the vagina as if it were menstrual. You don't have to worry about it, it will go away on its own.

18. Everybody Advises - Should I Bring Back My Baby's Foreskin or Leave to Sin?

Only apply as much as is necessary for cleaning. But it is also not necessary to bump, because it can crack and then it is difficult to heal. The fact that the child's foreskin is so tight at such a long age is a completely normal phenomenon, and then it must be seen how much he has developed when it comes to room cleanliness. If you still cannot get your money back, you can easily be helped by a specialist.

19. Everywhere I read, take care not to put my baby in the vagina. But when he puts the pel down, I can't be fast enough, everywhere the cat gets in!

This is inevitable, but don't worry, there will be nothing wrong. Just make sure that you clean your baby thoroughly after each pecking, by wiping your eyelids, and if too much is successful, you can wash it under the tap. The point is to make every cut from the front to the back, so as not to smear more stuff into the vagina.

20. Do I really need supplements for vitamins?

Although breast milk is a perfect diet, in Hungary two vitamins for every baby are preferred by the pediatrician for safety.
Vitamin D: From the age of two to one year, the baby should be given one drop a day, with proper development of the bones.
Vitamin K: Only breastfed babies should receive one ampoule per week to prevent bleeding disorders. If you are eating nutritional supplements, or have a baby and a baby eating a baby, you do not need to give it anymore, because it is possible for bacteria in the gut to provide vitamin K.All other vitamins, there is no need, even during the flu season, because vitamins in breast milk are better utilized in everything!Tips for waterfalls: Make a list so you don't forget what you wanted to say about the protagonist or the pediatrician!Related articles: