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Tips for safe baby bathing

Tips for safe baby bathing

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Bathing is the highlight of the day, games for the little ones, happy moments spent together. There are also dangers, so it is worth following some important rules.

1. Don't leave it alone

The most important rule is that never leave your little one unattended. Prepare all the tools you need to bathe, put the trolley, baby oil, body polish, diaper within easy reach so you don't have to leave the baby alone for a second. If you are just ringing or you just have to pick up the phone, just twist it a little and take it with you rather than leave it alone. No matter how steady you are in the water, you can crawl, submerge, or scare alone.

2. Check the water temperature check

Always place the baby in the bathtub only after you have released the correct amount of water and checked its temperature. If the water is too hot or cold, you should drain it rather than have too much water in the bath. The water should not reach more than the child's waist and should not be warmer than 37-38 degrees. You can check the correct temperature on your wrists with a lack of three-dimensional wrists.

3. Help with slipping

It makes it easier for you to bathe by placing a non-slip insert that you can easily obtain at any baby shop or bathroom shop. Slippage is a little safe and playable, so you don't have to worry about slipping in and out of the water while on the move. THE csъszбsgбtlу is always within reach.

4. Here's the playtime

Bathing is fun for the baby, and this time period can be a highlight of the day. Bathing with water games and squares is a real treat. No matter how small you feel in the water, bathing should never last another 15 to 20 minutes because the water in the bath will cool down during this time. If the little one is very horny, you can play it all the way to bed after moving.

Bathing should never last more than 15-20 minutes, because the water in the bathtub will definitely cool down during this time

5. Less is more

THE baby shampoo, baths, soaps can dry your little skin, so just add a little bit of it to your bath water. If your baby's skin is more sensitive to the average, you may want to use a bath cream from your pharmacy or lightly rub it on your body after bathing. Bathing time for sensitive skin dolls should not exceed 5-10 minutes. If you are comfortable with your baby in the water, just soap your body and / or shampoo your hair at the very end.

6. The tap does not play

Don't let the little oneto open the faucet because it can easily boil yourself or put too much water into the tub to immerse yourself in. Whenever possible, always put the baby in the shower and hands for a week, so you don't forget to use the water tap.

7. Place the hairdryer in a safe place

Never miss an electric tool near the bathtub. It is forbidden to dry the baby's hair while in the water. While it may seem banal, unfortunately, countless examples show that not many people pay attention to the dangers of using electrical equipment.Related Articles:
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