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The 5 most creative ways to communicate your baby's gender

The 5 most creative ways to communicate your baby's gender

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Gender reveal, or the legitimate revelation of the sex of the unborn child, is unbelievably popular with prospective parents and enthusiastic users of social media.

A creative solution for your baby's sexEven in the past, it was mostly by picking up a cake or popping a balloon that the light of being a baby girl or baby under her heart has become more and more sophisticated nowadays. We have collected for you this most special revelation.

Plus a baby

The Fortin housewife in California put a "little" twist on a well-stocked box-balloon unmasking that no one had counted on. Desiree йs Ryan szбmбra the gyermekбldбs unfortunately sokбig vбratott magбra, and since termйszetes ъton not be gyermekьk, ezйrt kiderьlt prуbбlkoztak.Amikor mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйssel the vбrandуssбg йs that egybхl twins йrkeznek the csalбdba the pбros ъgy dцntцtt a egйszen aprуcska informбciуt stops the csalбd йs the lives of friends. No wonder hoodlums and ovations welcomed the emergence of a box full of third balloons.

The most creative revelation of the internet

When Taylor and Heidi Calmus found out that their second child was on the verge of blood, they realized that, by the way, they had to make something big and memorable. This is the birth of a stunning 2-minute show that ends with the light of the little brother's sex. Daddy and my best friends have been working through three days to build up the distinctive structure and make sure the process goes smoothly.

Benefits of a summer pregnancy

A water gun revelation can be a really interesting solution, but it is definitely a good time. If you want the brigade to be an active part of the big moment - and not just a passive one - then get them to work, as Sherly and his couple did. The girl was the initiates, only they knew the sex of the baby. The water guns were painted gold so they didn't look like the color of the fluids inside them, and the guns used to hit them on the white houseplant. Yeah, huh?

Unveiling Christmas

Just like summer baby dolls and announcements, of course, there are benefits and opportunities for the country. The big goodbye, whether you combine it with one of our most important celebrations, and tile the right color on the Christmas tree, lighten up the celebration of love with just the touch of a video.

For the really big ones

The congratulatory couple, Chandra Hollinger and Brad Williams, had a lot of fun. So, there is no more perfect way to reveal the sex of a newborn baby than to jerk the horse up on a top of a fire truck with a water jet. They stunned the family, friends, colleagues and even the whole city, as they also entered the local news with their announcements.

Play and win!

Who lives in the tummy? - in the frame of a game two 150,000 Ft worth of exclusive photography finds the owner of Elevit. Photos are taken by some of the most popular moms in the country.

Create a photo / video (creative if you are a plus) that tells you what gender your baby will be and upload it to the games page.

Do not miss it! Be creative, take photos, watch videos, upload, collect votes, and win an unforgettable experience!


  • With cake, it is most popular to tell the sex of the baby
  • You can also use Pinata at the gender party
  • You can also reveal your baby's gender with a scratch card