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Music therapy can also help the development of premature babies

Music therapy can also help the development of premature babies

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According to research from the University of Geneva, the neonatal nervous system evolves much better into music. According to the study, the spit music of the Indian Kurds is the most powerful.

In order to stimulate the brain development of preterm infants, hospital stress and the use of music therapy have been minimized. Studies show that the brains of early adopters who have taken part in music therapy are much better developed than those who have not listened to music.Music therapy can also help the development of premature babies One of the most important questions was what kind of music is most advanced for the baby. The brain functions of preterm infants have not yet developed, but the auditory system functions relatively early, so it was understood by researchers to stimulate the brain of preterm infants.Andreas Vollenweider a composer helped me make music for premature babies. He played under the supervision of premature babies on a variety of musical instruments while observing how the baby's brain responds. The Indian kнgyуbыvцlхk sнpjбra reagбltak the best koraszьlцttek almost immediately calmed down tхle, нgy Vollenweider vйgьl Indian Punga furulyбra, йs hбrfбra bells нrta mыveit.A kutatбsban vйgigkцvette the koraszьlцttek a rйszйnek the napjбt music, йs funkcionбlis MR vizsgбlatokkal nйztйk the kutatуk, how brain development changes for those who have not played music, and the results have also been compared with studies of infants who are not considered premature. Infants who listen to music specifically designed for premature babies have virtually all brain areas interconnected as well as non-premature babies. we will examine how children under the age of six, who have developed besides music therapy, are performing well and are still more cognitively proficient than babies who have not listened to music in the incubator.
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