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Can cause infertility and cancer, but not prohibited by government

Can cause infertility and cancer, but not prohibited by government

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In 2015, the glyphosate herbicide was classified as "probably cancerous in humans". The agent may be related to the development of infertility. It is not prohibited by the Hungarian government.

Independent Home Affairs Representative Bernadett arrayed to ask Agriculture Minister István Nagy on how to reconcile childbirth incentives and fertility glyphos.The government does not prohibit good-liked herbicide She explained that in 2015, glyphosate weed was classified as "probably cancerous in humans" by the UN Cancer Screening Agency. Research funded by Bayer and Monsanto, which contains glyphosate-containing agents, somehow did not show any adverse effect on glyphosate. This can be related to the development of infertility. Fertility ointment and agrochemicals have been shown to correlate with research: such chemicals can cause PCOS, endometriosis, more frequent neonatal, It has already been csalбdok йve last йs politikбjukban the csalбdpolitika high hangsъlyt kap.Az Eurуpai Uniу mйg 2017 voted gyanъsнtott the rбkkeltйssel glifozбt gyomirtу times 5 йves uniуs ъjraengedйlyezйsйt, korlбtozбsok nйlkьl, ettхl fьggetlenьl are orszбgok wherein uniуs betiltottбk the glifozбtot engedйlyezйs ellenйre: legutуbb In Austria, however, the Hungarian government does not intend to do so. The Minister of Agriculture thought that the European Commission did not find any evidence that glyphosate was carcinogenic and therefore the EU authorized the use of herbicides for another year. The Hungarian government does not argue with the EU in this request, so until 2022 a ban on glyphosate in Hungary has been excluded.
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