Feedback: Your health depends on what you put on your skin

Feedback: Your health depends on what you put on your skin

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With the timely introduction of gluten and cow's milk, not only can the risk of lucidity and the early onset of iron deficiency be reduced, but also adulthood obesity, diabetes or cancer.

Feedback: Your health depends on what you put on your skin

It is obviously best for the newborn to receive exclusively breast milk for the first six months. In addition to easy-to-digest whites, sugars, and fats, breast milk also contains important antibodies that help ensure a little healthy growth. Breastfeeding does not begin at the age of half, and breastfeeding is not recommended, as the composition of breast milk continues to adapt to the needs of the baby as you age, so if you can,

Milk is healthy, but only above a certain age

Iron deficiency is one of the most common forms of malnutrition, causing more than 35 million cases of malformation worldwide in recent years. At first, cow's milk introduced may be surprising, but may also play an important role in its development, since its iron content is lower than the amount needed for infant development and other dietary or extrinsic iron deficiencies. But that's not the only problem with it, high levels of sodium and white in cow's milk can burden the baby's digestive system and cause bloating, diarrhea, or bloody stools. " However, medical recommendations strongly oppose the introduction of milk before the age of one, and in the opinion of many experts, it is worthwhile to order the whole body until the age of three. - says dr. Tokodi Istvn pediatrician, gastroenterologist, expert on the First 1000 Days Program. Exceptions to the recommendation are skimmed dairy products, which you can introduce into your baby's daily routine in small amounts: yogurt and yogurt kortуl.

Gluten is not an aversion, but care should be taken

The prevalence of gluten in the domestic population is 1-3%, while in children of 6 years and over 1.4%, therefore the majority of mothers treat gluten almost in the opposite way. According to Dr. Tokodi, this approach is unlucky for the reasons mentioned above. "In order to avoid the development of sensitivities, it is best to have a good gluten content in the middle of the grow, immediately seek help from a specialist! "Although celiac disease is most common in children aged 8-9 years, the first symptoms usually occur with the introduction of gluten in infancy. Pay attention, because the newly discovered lupus can lead to chronic gastrointestinal complaints, other organ diseases, and severe deficiency due to chronically absorptive disorders! The painful symptoms can be prevented and remedied by a strict diet if you notice the signs in time. Come to BabaMama Expura for complete nutrition details, with numerous exhibitions, on-site advice and a stage program specifically designed to address this request. See you at the biggest baby-mom event of the year on November 17-18-19 at the Budapest Sports Club!

Your health depends on what you do for your price

Milk, oilseeds, fish, eggs or flour are all key foods that contribute to the healthy development of the body by providing a balanced diet. However, the mйrtйk йs bevezetйs idхpontja tйnyezх csцkkentheted important not only kьlцnfйle йtelallergiбk kialakulбsбnak kockбzatбt the allergйnek esetйben.Megfelelх tбplбlбssal but gбtat ability to customize a felnхttkori nйpbetegsйgeknek well as elhнzбs the cukorbetegsйg or szнv- йs йrrendszeri megbetegedйsek.
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