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Summer accidents

Summer accidents

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The time for carefree summer rest is shortened by the more or less unexpected bruises. Significant parts can be prevented or their severity reduced by carefully planning out trips.

Summer accidents

If you visit a Madrasas Street Children's Hospital for a ward on a fine summer's day, you may experience a more severe or more severe accident in the injured group. Part of the kids a she's alive, stupid, the boys who are looking for trouble are almost eliminated, they are the ones with whom something always happens. THE tъlуvбs in the future, we are oblivious to movement, not exercising, and often too high. Experiences are much less exposed to the risk of injury than children, who are allowed to experiment, hanging out, running, and just not protecting them from their parents.

A shower from the cherry tree

It is a deliciously sweet fruit that belongs to the first season of the poplar. Taller than other fruit trees, its limbs are much more fragile. For this reason, the accidental wound only rarely encounters with other people who have been disguised. Anything can happen, unfortunately it can also occur in the spine. Unlike cats, children do it is not good for them to recover, because it leads to vertebral fractures.Our Expert Advice: Let's hang out!
The solution is not the ban. Warn your child of the dangers and teach them safe sailing. If we see him at scary heights, let's not panic and start screaming, "Watch out, fall!" This kind of screaming screams work more like a self-serving jerk. Instead, calm, balanced explain ithow to safely land.

Bringing dangers

The majority of summer shootings from bicycle accidents adуdik. It is a sad statistic that, compared to the number of bicycles in Europe, Hungary has the highest number of such accidents. It is not accidental as we are inclined to use the least protective helmet. A significant part of the injuries are to the head and, as a result, it accidentally crashes into asphalt, wood, car, unfortunately with a fatal or severe outcome. The most vulnerable age group, adolescents, adolescents, are those who do not want for good reasons or poorly interpreted vagina wearing a helmet. Even so, you should not go for short stages! The good example and strictness of parents is very important, but of course you can try to convince yourself. The other most common accident is death. If we are not transporting children in regular cycling, but simply transporting them on the trunk or some kind of wheelchair, the small, reciprocating foot is in need of fast-moving fish, and it causes heavy weight, weight. Just as the use of safety in childhood has significantly reduced the severity of minor injuries to small passengers, so the helmet and bicycle can be expected to have a similar overall effect.Personally: Dr. Gykey Velkey,
Bethesda Gyermekkуrhбz igazgatуja, intenzнv terбpiбs doctor цt йdesapja children and нgy itself kьzdeni kйnyszerьlt the kids sisakviselйs ьgyйben.Miutбn kйrlelйs proved to be useless, he took the хket intenzнvre where lбthattбk sajбt szemьkkel what tragйdiбkat cause vйdхfelszerelйs viselйsйnek elmulasztбsa. The shock therapy was effective, and since then they were wearing helmets on every bike. Other parents, of course, cannot resort to such tools, so they are reluctant to rely only on consistency and sanity. Perhaps it also affects kids when they see that professional bikers never roll without a helmet!

Jump on you?

Jumping is one of the favorites of the kids, and it was really surprising to hear how many cartridges it causes. A convincing example is that on Children's Day, when in the City Park and on the Margaret Island they are waiting for the celebrated with free jumpers, on Sundays, Madagascar has the lowest number of fire jumps in a single day. Always kartцrйssel come the kids who either fall out of the jump and fall with a huge zest to the hard surface or fall so unconscious inside the body that their bodies are underneath Business Opportunity because of the turbulence.Our Expert Advice: Let's teach it to fall!
Martial arts are not about fighting. More and more, we learn how to fall in childhood. It's more important than we think! Now, carting is very rare. THE movement culture closely related to the gravity of the bruises.


The first degree of burn only causes blemishes, so you do not have to consult a doctor before applying any coolant to reduce inflammation. In the case of a second degree, it is still only a superficial injury, but there are also some blisters. Mostly sunny and if it is a big deal, for example, the child has both a choice and a back, it is imperative to see a doctor. This requires a lot of healing and healing, as there are a series of wounds that can become infected. The campfire, the cauldron, attracts them like a magnet, and they quickly pick up a hot-headed stick to wage war and sword. This is where the gunshot wounds are located on the face, hands and arms.Our Expert Advice: Immediate cooling is important!
Never do not leave it alone fire next to the kids! If the problem is reversed, let the broth be cooled under cold water for at least ten minutes to cool down the cold tissue.
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