What to do if your baby's skin is very dry 10 light tips

What to do if your baby's skin is very dry 10 light tips

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Frequent bathing, dry indoor air, dries the baby's skin. We give you ideas on how to alleviate the symptoms.

What should you do if your baby's skin is very dry?

  • Pбrбsнtsbecause the dry room air still smells better.
  • Also, take care of the liquid, give it to him bхven to drink.
  • A quick shower without soap and shower is more convenient than long paddling.
  • Fьrdйskor put bath oil in the water.
  • Do not rub with a towel, just wrap it in a bath towel and drink the water.
  • Kend in kуkuszolajjal or lukewarm shea butter.
  • Wear cool and loose cotton clothing to prevent perspiration and linen from rubbing against the skin.
  • White and organic cotton cloths can help prevent chemicals from becoming irritating.
  • Wash your clothes with natural materials (laundry, horse chestnut).
  • Show it to your doctor as you may need a special cream.
Toddlers' skin is sensitive, it is easier to dry out, and there are many reasons for it. The skin is thinner, the loose tissues. Due to their sebaceous glands, their balance is not properly balanced. Harmful substances also get into the deeper layers of the skin much easier. In addition to prevention, care is also very important.
There is nothing good for baby skin that can help with dryness: too long and daily bath, soap use, inappropriate non-breathable creams, body lotions, cosmetics, fragrances, lotions.
Eczema skin can be a common problem in babies, in addition to the factors that cause dryness, genetic factors, and even food intolerance.
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