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When is Almond Needed?

When is Almond Needed?

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Frequent sore throat or respiratory illnesses do not in themselves justify tonsillectomy. When is March Needed?

When is Almond Needed?

If the disease recurs frequently, develops chronic tonsillitis, or may be a condition or inflammation is a secondary disease, then another organ may be needed.

The sick season lasts until spring-spring

Children in the community get a lot sick because of the fact that underdeveloped immune systems make infections easier to catch. The month of September is also increasing the number of illnesses simply due to the relaunch of the kindergarten and the school, where the spread of the disease is easy. Immune immunization is completed around the age of 10 to 12 years, and it is perfectly normal for children to catch infectious diseases more often during this period - explains dr. Csúka Jбnos ear-nose-nose, head physician of the nerve-nose-nose center.The frequency of illnesses is also increased by the fact that children often use the washing let's get our hands out.

Not all of this is caused by almonds

In high school 5-6 diseases can also be called common during the period from August to spring, and it will bear children and parents alike. Parents who are out of work due to frequent illnesses want to understand the course of each illness and seize every method to reduce the incidence. Many people think that this is a possible tool for almonds, but professionally, its treatment is always unique and sometimes based on the common judgment of a specialist. The exact rules of the nasal and pharyngeal extracts need to be specified.Dr. János Csúka emphasizes that he is almond they perform a very important protective function in the body, especially in the early years of life, are very important for the immune system. The nose and throat algae produce defenses that fight the disease. However, during the fight, the tonsils may also catch fire, but simply because they are swollen, they do not have to be removed.

Acute tonsillitis should be treated with medication

Almond inflammation is an inflammation of the throat. In the background, it is usually a bacterial infection of Streptococcus bacteria. In young children, it is a common symptom that you refuse to eat and you may complain of a sore throat. Pain often radiates to the ear. Fever, malaise and headache are typical. To prevent bacterial infections, the pediatrician prescribes an antibiotic that should be taken at the recommended dose and for as long as your doctor advised to avoid any possible risk. The sucking of pills containing various topical painkillers, lukewarm fluids, and bed rest can alleviate the complaints.

It is recommended to have surgery for chronic tonsillitis

Occasionally one tonsillitis affects the others, even though the child has not died of one of the diseases, the other comes. If it is repeated six to eight times a year, moreover, over the years, tonsillitis has become a chronic form. It is recommended that surgery be performed if pulmonary inflammation of the tonsils develops around the tonsil. The swelling may be so severe that the patient is unable to swallow and develops on the mouth. There is intense, one-sided, radiant pain. Extremely unsafe conditions are inevitably required by a local hospital. The operation can be performed after the condition has been completed. Surgery may be warranted even if the inflammation is followed by secondary illnesses. These can also occur in the skin, business, kidneys and heart area. In these cases, removing the almond gummy will also eliminate trigger complaints. Also worth reading:
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