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(S) Twinstorms XI.

(S) Twinstorms XI.

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The lame man (the father) lives there to take the most popular place on the popular list of nudists (and not just in election years!). That said, I was a little worried that I had to deal with a red-hooded rider lately.

The field is equally strong: mother, grandmother, dad and Pepe (giving birth to their grandfather). In fact, even the most attentive caregiver women have circled my favor. With such a fast yard, one has to be very mindful of the unpopular measures one has to take against their offspring in their ranch.
The bad cop
Somehow I can't get rid of the notion that in social work division, the sentences starting with "NO" always get to me: - Don't wake me up there ...! Don't talk to me ... don't talk to me at all ...! Don't spoil it ...! Don't touch me ...! Don't tear yourself up ...! Don't break it ...! Don't yell…! Don't play with it ...! Don't tumble ...! Don't break out ...! Don't shut up ...! Don't download it ...! And: Don't yell at me, I only raise your brother / brother!
The others stop by: Who comes to mummy zikizaki-jacket? Delicious pie granny baked? Come on, Pepe shows you his toolbox! Until Aunt Margit brings in the shower, Aunt Marika plays the cookie button! Come on, Grandma's two-and-a-half-year-old is happy to show that ...! No, then Pepe will stick it back ...! Come on, the jedi are buying tomorrow…! Just leave this little spot on Granny's miraculous smoothly ... No, we wanted to replace it anyway ...! If you don't know, Granny's cooking ...!
Kйsz! I can go to the office. I still have a chance to play ball there. (Typically, they can't even play ball!)
Close to the winter holidays, naively I thought my time was coming, now I can smile. Szнvуsan бlltam remйnytelenьl kнgyуzу row, smiling tыrtem pushed my heels bevбsбrlуkocsikat, ьdvцzьlten бlldogбltam the dugуban happy I installed йgхsorokat, dнszнtettem girlandokat, carved fenyхtalpat, glued ablakdнszeket, szъrtam-vбgtam-pьfцltem the цsszes finger, бriбztam estйnkйnt the "Hull is flaky ..." йs the beginnings of "It's here ...", I told you about Lappföld and Rudolfrul, a smoky-black chum in a spotless white bear and red dress - No, we won't try it afterwards! No, not even Dad! - chubby, but incredibly generous, jovember цregъrrуl. (You can't steal guys' dreams from daring, either) And I was born in the room to keep a place for me after the holidays, a stipi-stop.
Then, with my head down, and in a more festive mood, with little disappointment about the Christmas tree, I was barely impressed by Chengma's sincere comment: - Hugi loves Plaplapt! And Zimim added: - Mimi is chasing Udouf too!
According to an old friend of my friends, humanity can be divided into the following aspects from the aspect of the State: "First you believe in it, later you do not believe in it, in time you will be yourself and it will look like it." By living with the opportunity of the fifth addition (now don't pay attention to the crazy and dust-ridden constitutional laws!): I think there is a fifth phase of a person's life when he is a little overweight.
Ja! And now I want to make all the points in advance: Easter eggs are not bunny eggs!