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GYED EXTRA 2015: Work, double, graduate

GYED EXTRA 2015: Work, double, graduate

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Having an extra child can save a lot of mothers and family life by allowing you to continue working with a child and having a graduate child, as well as having a job with three or more mothers.

Your baby extra in 2015 contains such an important element. This means that with the continuation of childbirth and childbirth, the mother may want to work again after the child is one year old. It is equally important that the amount of childbirth or childhood doubles with the second child. The third element is the introduction of a graduate child, and the fourth is that employers who take mothers with 3 or more children receive more concessions. The purpose of the childhood extras in 2015 is the same as in previous years: to promote the employment, employment and support of motherhood. Benefits are important income for families with children, so it is worth knowing what we are entitled to as a baby daddy.

Work on the flow of childhood and childhood

In extra child 2015, after 1 year of age, the baby can go back to work (in any umbrella) so that she does not lose her childhood fluency. Although part-time employment is still in its infancy, this is an important opportunity for pregnant women to have a job with their baby - if they want it, or because of their financial situation, they will have to lose money.

GYED favors extra mommies for graduate moms

Graduate child

Graduates of your degree will be eligible to certify that they have completed at least two years in a tertiary institution before becoming pregnant. They can continue their education after childbirth with the continuation of childbirth. The graduation child is one year old from the child's birth. However, a child (or dad) who is eligible for a graduate child after one year of age is only eligible for maternity leave is worth paying attention to with 180 calendar days of monthly income - if you have the opportunity and .

More children, more care

For 2015, the previous rule that one child can continue to receive support is true, but if the family has a baby born after December 31, 2013, the older child will not lose support. So because of your child's extra, after the siblings of different ages, I refer to the benefits according to their life span. That is, if a baby is born after January 1, 2014, it does not affect the benefits for the other child.


As in previous years, employers are entitled to receive or receive support for three or more children and family members who are entitled to family allowances. It is important that the continuity of support should be justified in the meaning of the regulation regarding the child extras.