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Stroking has an analgesic effect

Stroking has an analgesic effect

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Weak caressing reduces baby's pain, according to a new British study published on the BBC's website.

Oxford University and John Moores University of Liverpool researched 32 baby brain activity when they took blood. The babies were divided into two groups, and the children were gently stroked with a soft brush before the light. In this group, the little 40 felt less pain based on their brain activity.Stroking has an analgesic effect "Feeling seems like it it has an analgesic effectwith no side effects, "the author of a study published in Current Biology summarized her research experience, Rebeccah SlaterThe researchers also found that the optimum pain relieving caressing speed was 3 cm per second. " can help parents how to comfort their baby. This caressing speed activates a sensory group of neurons in the skin - the C-tactile afferents - which is more effective in adults than in adults. However, it has not been clear until now whether the baby has the same effect or is developing less. to make a difference in the baby's brain function Slater stated: "Previous work has shown that tacting can increase parenting, reduce stress in the parent and child, and also reduce hospital stay," he said. they also repeat the experiment, whose sensory specimens are still developing.
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