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Romance before and after the child

Romance before and after the child

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The child opens up a wonderful new dimension in our lives. But this is certainly not the case with romance. Let's see what kind of metamorphosis some romantic moments or moments go through as the baby is born.

Romance before children

Children before: Sexy, lacy hoodie, or a hoodie you know your guy will find excited.
After child: Any kind of garment (like the one you wear during the day) that is at home, not stained or cheap.Children before: The Prod shoots a bouquet made of your favorite flower.
After child: The Parrot shoots the Kakis diaper. (And you are afraid of that, because it is best to help diaper you so you have a breath.)Children before: They went to the cinema, then sat down in a good Italian restaurant and had a nice dinner.
After child: After the kids have fallen asleep, you watch the movie you left off a week ago, which you went to sleep on.Children before: Festival, buddies, party, music. Dance is naked in the foyer until dawn with Prod.
After child: It's nude in the sand on the playground. Evening until 6.Children before: Walking on the street by hand.
After child: You shout on the street, "don't run away and grab my hand!"Children before: Long conversations about life.
After child: Sentence sentences about checks to be paid and what to bring from the store. And this is interrupted by the child. Hбromszor.More Articles After Parenting:
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