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7 everyday items that can cause a fatal accident in the nursery!

7 everyday items that can cause a fatal accident in the nursery!

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Simultaneously with the child's first steps, a large security operation is launched, which involves corner wedges on sharp furniture, safety pegs on the sockets, and tossing the medicine box on top of the closet.

1. Balloons

The foundation of floating balloons is so much a part of a happy, cloudless childhood that it is almost crazy to throw them out when they are lowered. However, rubber balloons are one of the biggest sources of danger to young children - every year more children get drowned in the rubber ball than in the glass ball and the small toy. The first one is forbidden by all parents - but we show the example for ballooning and also often discourage the child and try to chill. they also get sucked in and the trouble is over. If that is the case, the balloons can cause suffocation. Therefore, never leave children with the balloons unattended and discard each piece immediately when it is punctured or deflated. And when you have a happy childhood, we're wrapped in a metal ball that you can't cook or sniff.
You need to be officially supervised by a parent!

2. People

They are there in every household. The cooler is the souvenirs in the back, the colorful berries in the message board, and millions of children's toys. And they will fall out easily. The bar is so small that it doesn't stop when the child swallows it. If a child has swallowed (or even suspects), seek medical attention immediately! After all, the muscle does not pass through the digestive tract. If more than one is stuck in the stomach of a child, they can stick together and even puncture the intestines.
It can have serious consequences!

3. Items

Your favorite kids' toys are moving, music, humming, glittering and, of course, battery powered. There is no problem in getting them out of the way, but if they accidentally (or just out of the curiosity of the child) have their stomachs open, they can prevent acid leaks and cause serious mental illness. Swallowed button cells can puncture the intestines even under two fingers, so if an element is missing, control it!

4. Red-haired Cord

If you have a roller shutter at home that needs to be pulled up and down with a cord, you have a really small hanger in the apartment. Because the tape can be very easily entangled by a student in Yoga, a fallen child, and drown in minutes. Cut it as short as you can, or replace it with a security shutter that doesn't require such a fancy.
Dozens of children die every year because of it!

5. Cleaners

Where do you store them? Can you lock it in a child-safe place - or where you can access it quickly, easily, say, under the sink? The latter is a very bad choice - because the colored vials are very attractive to children who have no idea that they are not cooled in glasses decorated with funny figures. They may suffer from severe oral and pharyngeal disease, even from a single age. Spraying is even more dangerous, as blindness can result in blindness. If you still have it in your hands, do not drink it, do not vomit, but call the ambulance immediately and show them the glass so that we know what happened. As a precaution, look for a tall, secure or child locked shelf that only you can open.
Dangers of household cleaners

6. Trash bin

We rarely think about it, but trash is a place where we do not store anything in the baby's hand: spoiled food, sharp splinters, kakis diapers. We are proud to have the child understand the command: "throw it in the trash" and we send it to us several times a day. However, few people think that a child's curiosity is ubiquitous, and he may want to pack not only inside, but out. It's a good idea to keep household waste away for a while, especially if you put dangerous, poisonous things in it.

There are many dangers to the baby at home

7. Babamonitor

We try to get as close as possible to the baby so that we can hear all the tidbits and, if necessary, run immediately. But this product, which is just lost for safety, can be a serious problem. If you are close to the child, you can become entangled and suffocate in the string, or by grabbing it, you can strike the head. That's why we make sure we do it so far that you can't grab it or bring it to yourself.
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