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To watch or not to watch?

To watch or not to watch?

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The curiosity of a child can be very understandable, but not the least of the parents' considerations when it comes to protecting their child from having grown-up, often aggressive, erotic, mature mindsets.

Not just content

However, most of their reservations relate only to the content of the programs, although their restraints may be justified for other reasons. The overwhelming majority of children work very early in school, all day. Long hours of study and day-to-day work can make them quite tiring, plus they have the task of teaching children lesson, filling in uneducated materials, practicing, and so on. All of this would also challenge an adult payload. And after that, the fire! Unfortunately, it is often in a cold family bed, in a moody light or in the dark, smiled at Dad's cigarette. to concentrate on events, or just to wake up to the awakening, lest you send them to sleep.

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Hypnagogg state

The wake and sleep state is called a hypnosis in the language of the profession.
In this state of mind, while we perceive the impressions of the world, we reach the visual and auditory stimuli, but since our minds are not yet completely clear, the impressions of the world are often distorted by our delusions.
Everyone can observe this phenomenon on their own, after they have tired to sleep as they awaken slowly, almost imperceptibly, from their awakening.
How many prodigious, never-before-seen, fantastic, sometimes scary, anxious images are pushed to us. A wobbly baby, on the other hand, is bombarded with a tangled, black-and-white or wild-colored, inconceivable, indestructible visual stimulus that is accompanied by a peculiar acoustic disorder such as back noise, blunt, intermittent human speech,
This is in line with our old custom of operating the volume at a higher volume than needed to talk to each other occasionally, and the deaf grandfather seems to understand envious kid, he can watch the evening show, but often he only sees flashes of light, tangles, unrecognizable figures, , who carry a lot more concern than adults in general, just because for them the world is more incomprehensible, inexplicable than we are.
The life story described above can itself be a source of anxiety, but it can also arouse the already dormant fears and anxieties in children.
Then the night sickness, the awakenings, the bad dreams, the morning headache, the crazy squirting and the crazy, let them sleep at night with the baby.

Dream and currency on the border

Such stories are similar to hallucinations, which are merely imaginary images or moods that are fantasized, yet they come to life.
Sometimes we ourselves sometimes mix the dreams we have in our minds, the thoughtful events we have with the events and events that happen in the real world. How many times do we say: I don't know now, did I dream or did I really phone X. Y. in the evening?
Children likewise live their fears: after a while, we are unable to distinguish their anxious lives from the real, real dangers, and the real ones.
They release anxieties that they cannot control, the causes of which are unrecognizable, and therefore lack a reassuring explanation.