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This weekend will be a Daddy's Feast on Kid's Island

This weekend will be a Daddy's Feast on Kid's Island

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On the third weekend of Kid's Island, the dads will be pleased by the organizers, all with a father-child program: there will be a drawing competition, Football Island, concerts. Programajбnlу!

Dads are the kids' heroes, and they are celebrating June 16 and 17 at Children's Island. On Soccer Island, everyone can learn the basics of football at the World Cup soccer: play, play, trade the ball and, of course, hang out! If you're good to go, head to the Generali Soccer 5 pruba adventure, where parents can also watch the World Cup mediator from the corner of their eyes. In addition to "real" football, there will be darts, panna ball, tequ ball and footpegs. And this weekend, we'll be riding the dashboard, the biking adventure park, and the fun bikes on the sport scene, so it's definitely worth a visit. In the Palace of Christ, Juli creature At the site, the series of handcuffs can make the world's best daddy accessories and decorations: neckties, eyeglasses, mustache, hat, Super Daddy and Best Daddy, all thanks. If they do, the family party for the PASO concert can also start on the Generali Grand Bench. After the jump, the dance will continue in PompomParty, the first family electronic party series in the country. Music will be provided by DJ Cyborg Templar between 5pm and 7pm.This weekend great fatherly programs await everyone at Kid's Island Vasбrnap the family-friendly Ubud tomb continues the work, where dads will tell their favorite stories, which they then play with. Metal-loving dads and kids have a place at the Kiskalasz Concert where kids can win an Iron Maiden concert ticket with a dad drawing on Father's Day. The rules of the game are simple: they only hand-draw children's drawings on A4 paper, with a maximum of one to be thrown into the box off the stage at the concert. The lottery will be on the party so you can get excited! we are waiting for the families with many innovations. The Bagбzs Jбtszуtйr йs Adomбnybolt Magyarorszбg elsх mozgу adomбnyboltja where jбtйkokat, kiegйszнtхket йs-ruhбkat can be taken, and the bevйtelbхl йlesнti the kreativitбst vйgzett the BAGбzs Egyesьlet Pest County cigбnytelepeken fejlesztх munkбjбt tбmogatjбk.A handed Lбbas Jбtszуhбz exciting bringбs jбtйkokkal where mindenfйle хrьlt bringбval you will be able to play: there will be Kribringa, Formula Bike, Light up my bike and Paralympic Bike. In fact, here you can paint your bike by bike too! At the Ganz Rhubarb Club in Sitra, children can almost give away a secret signal: the fundamentals of buying morse. You can test your newly acquired knowledge right away with up to 10,000 km of amateur radio crews. This time, not only can you admire the most important tools of artist art, but you can also try out the little ones for children.How to make a unique jewel capsule? Children's Paradise Playmates can now be used for inspiration, but you will also learn about fair trade and learn about animals in the wild. Which is the breast? And which animal that has neither eyes nor outer ears, but has huge incisors? Everything will be revealed here. And while on the different points of the island of Hajgyabyr, programs from the Grand Stage not to forget. On Saturday, Szilvia Bognár arrives with the Secret Children's Concert, followed by the Golden Sam's Ball House, and the Moon King's Palace and PASO move the entire family. Sunday will be the Great Meeting with Little Chick and Little Kitty, Roberts Dolbk-Saly will arrive at the family's rubber room, and the Little Bitch will close the program with the Father's Day drawings. The page of.