Will we be alone? Relationships in baby years

Will we be alone? Relationships in baby years

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The birth of a child is the life of a relationship. New shooting book - Immersive family -, new casting, all in a completely foreign terrain. The baby gives and takes. It is up to you where the balance tongue tilts.

Relationships should also be fostered

"Marriage itself is a crisis. The post-marital period and the childbirth period are, in many ways, a preparation for the deception of the family itself. However, the birth of the first child is a drama." So he said Ranschburg Jenх in Lecture on Psychics, published in The Family and Children's Book, The Crisis of Choosing the Family with Psychology. It was the expectation of expectation, the hardships of mother and father choice, many times emphasizing the responsibility of society. In order to be valuable, there should be more forums for mothers and fathers to discuss the issues involved. bezбrtsбg. And this will inevitably happen when the baby is born. And here it is not only about the six weeks old baby, but also the first and second year when every move requires an outside organizer. And if the next kid comes around soon, both women and men can feel it easily: they are thrown onto an uninhabited island, from where only S.S. tokens can be cast.

I took the silence in the fall

Papp Julianna, the annual Hanna And the binary Dйnes Your mother feels like they are starting to get back into normal cycling.- No matter how prepared, consciously you are about to start a baby project, your baby will be born to subvert everything from the bottom. For me, this year was a bit of a chore, now I'm starting to feel like the ties are loosening a bit. As I used to, I almost got annoyed elvбrбsok teljesнtйsйbe. My mother-in-law, woman, housewife, wanted to be a regular, disappointing. I was a little looser in the new born Danes, but then Hanna was in the middle of the racket, so I didn't feel any lighter.Papp Julianna, Hannah and DinesI also fell into the mistake that I think every woman has. I didn't buy my brother for the fall. I spent days in a row, breastfeeding, changing diapers, playwrights, fast food, sleeping, housework, walking, freaking, baby ... it didn't even seem like the moment my couple entered the door. I'm lucky, though Viktor he did not fall into grandpa's depression, did not fumble about why I didn't care for him, just waited for me to sit beside him and ask him what had happened to him. In fact, the silence appeared in him. It wasn't too soon because the kids were at home with enough noise, but once I finally dropped down on the couch, I could see that he couldn't go any further. In our case, it was not the sexy whites, not even the common wellness week that helped, but the conscious attention. When you are not interested in why two kids are just getting their hair cut or eating the food that I have done, they are probably jerking off a whole roll of paperwork ... what you said. Day by day, you could feel the change. We stretched over one another, we could feel the tingling again, and our disputes were solved much easier. The time is working for us, the kids are getting more and more alone with each other, they don't have to pant all the time, sometimes we start to find that we have been in peace for a dozen or so minutes before the end of the year.

We didn't talk, we didn't have sex

- We were very young, I just turned six when it turned out baby babies - she tells Kinga. - Because we were too much in love with each other, it was clear to both of us that we were getting married. However, we were not able to enjoy the time spent alone because our baby boy was born soon, Benjamin. Afterwards I say we have made every possible mistake we can.I was frightened of the sudden sea of ​​tasks and responsibilities, and I wanted to do everything perfectly about the baby. And I expected Pйter you should support it with all your might - and after all, I see it only in this. Beni was on my tits almost all day, so it was a simple pleasure that I didn't dress up properly. My boyfriend, who had been upset by my breasts until now, was upset with me, because I kept them in my hands almost constantly - my little boy's needs went unnoticed. We didn't talk, we didn't have sex, we didn't go anywhere, and I became more and more neglected, he became tense, and quarrels became commonplace. We came to the conclusion that one day she packed up her most necessary stuff and moved home with her parents. Gathered around the world. And if all that wasn't enough, my defense informed me that my husband, who was not looking for much else, had abandoned us. When the baby came into our fridge and wondered if I could give it to my little boy, I thought I was drowning and I felt like I could stifle the stigma. For when Peter learned what had happened, he decided to give our wife a chance and move home. And as if I were awakened by a long rumble, suddenly I found myself outas in my open pool I bring up our so favored little boy in the apartment, and give Peter only short, telling instructions to take the bathing water, or take the pops , as much as his own hobbies. He would have expected me to remain as sexy and open-minded as I used to be when I was fully caring for the household and our baby, and when he saw that it was not going, he just became tense and frustrated, sweetheart… But he did it now.We talked all week in our spare time - and quarreled, picked our old and currency, but slowly the picture clearedand without much fury we could talk about what you want from the other.After six years and our baby, Kata your birth has made us much more prepared. We pay more attention to each other's needs, and we are much happier with it. Even though I still want to be the perfect mother to my kids, but I'm not a rodent at all, and I pay attention not only to being a mother, but to being together once a week . These are a lot of the impetus for that not just the mother and the father. Now we have seen that it is a good decision that we have chosen one another, that we have chosen to have children. But if the protagonist didn't call us the baby at that time, well, I'd think very much about it.

They woo pretty women

- In the first period, the mother is so reserved for the newborn that she almost forgets that she has a companion - says Zsuzsa Bede, sex psychologist. - If she is very happy, he is in a duel, and so your need for another kind of simply diminishes. If you are anxious, worried as you are baby-pregnant during pregnancy, you may want to call your partner close. Of course, in the first few weeks, you have all the privileges, but you have to be careful not to stay that way. Whenever I approach a couple, I always ask how much they both wanted the baby. Having an unexpected childbirth can make the first period more difficult than having to fight for years. In either case, the most important thing is that they continue to work fine. Midnight, I can't give you any more basic advice: let's not let the parenting role sway and suppress the male role. That's why he's one share your baby's activities: the man wants it and the woman let it go, because it gives the newly formed family one, and yes, after the first couple of months, the mother should be pretty and attractive, and the man should woo her. occasionally go to the cinema alone, go for a walk, or just sit on a cave. You need help, of course, but you can also ask your neighbor to make a peer review, just want to.Also read about partnerships: