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5 Questions What to Do If You Have Talked to Your Father Before Your Baby Is Born

5 Questions What to Do If You Have Talked to Your Father Before Your Baby Is Born

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The arrival of a child raises a number of issues that may give rise to controversy in a couple of lives. To avoid this, it is worth discussing a few things in advance.

5 Questions What to Do If You Have Talked to Your Father Before Your Baby Is Born


Rather than going through the matter of "going out for a couple of weeks", it would be important to think a little more about the question of returning to work. There are jobs that allow a person to work from home (whether you are a parent or a parent) that is also worth considering. The point is, let's talk about it carefully so you don't be surprised that your couple thinks so.

Visitors and help

When the baby arrives, you will be sure to see the visitors in your stuffed rows, unless you plan ahead a bit. Not to mention that there will be people who will come to help. We advise you to accept it, for there will be plenty of tasks for the little one. More than they ever imagined.

Night schedule

The first few weeks are extremely exhausting for a newborn baby, so it is worth discussing in advance how you plan to sleep. There are couples who divide the week between one another (mother one day, father the other day with the baby), others halve the night (mother in the evening, father in the morning). The point is that you are designed the way that is best for you, and you will find out what will work for you. However, it is important to have a plan and do not automatically put the mother in the neck.

Szlli's obligations

It is important that this does not happen on its own, but be a bit forward thinking: you will cook it, clean it, wash it, wash it, bath it, change the diaper, etc. The last request may seem banal, even though the "I changed it last, now you come" message may cause you a great deal of controversy that needs nothing. You may also divide in the morning, dear father; it is dune, and in the evening, the mother cleans the baby, but it can be the sole responsibility of the father (if you will). Agree.


Many parenting grooms have small baby rooms for the baby well before the baby is born, although current pediatric recommendations suggest that it is best to avoid lingering fish when the baby is on the first couple of months. The point is, however, that you have to make the decision in advance, as consistency is of great importance. Not that we can't change our decision in the middle, but stability has helped me in the first place in a very "messy" period (article source).Related articles after baby on baby:
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