Sing from the first day!

Sing from the first day!

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Children's songs improve infant rhythm, sound, hearing and speech development. With the narrower vocabulary (pentatony), with frequent repetition, the baby quickly remembers the familiar melody and text.

Sing to him from day one!

The applause, the dance, the song greatly contributes to the development of the brains connecting the brain And for ripening. From the first days, let's sing to the baby. We always do the same songs with the same songs. we choose the right singerssuch as bathing, nappies, but more relaxed when you are tired, quiet, slow down to sleep, comfort. Sensitive babies are very fond of two-quarterback songs, especially when we walk up to this rhythm because it reminds them of their mother's voice.When the baby is awake, toothed for "mutation" songs. The songs are hand gestured. At three months of age, he is watching with his eyes wide open, at six months of age he wants to get his hands on him, at nine months of age he is trying to do it. Experience what you love in times of distress: relaxed, slow, unmistakable, monotonous songs, or humorous, loud bangs. If we don't remember our own kindergarten, toddler favorites, let's have an idea Katalin Forrai in Wisdom or They are in kindergarten cнmы book. We can also learn a lot in the music lessons for the youngest.

If nothing comes to your mind…

Luckily, you can find it with a lot of kids on the internet, and you might just want to listen to it once your memories come back! For example, our children have had great success with the Three Rabbits, the Chiribiri, the Chaplain to the Master, the Noods have been singing and muttering at the top of my house, and with Hepehupe, we have been able to sing. Dear dads (and, by experience, grandfather, by the way), we can do a great job of playing Tiger, Skut, or Mommy! And what's almost impossible to miss: Oops Juliska, If you feel like it, applaud a big one on the wet shore of Szabrz. And if you don't know any older or modern children's songs (yet ...), feel free to sing what you love! Related Articles:
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