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Choice: She wears the little ones best

Choice: She wears the little ones best

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Our children, however, will join us after the election, if we will or not. We continue to be equally important to them. Therefore, however difficult it may be, coworking is key.

The choice wears on everyone

- A few months ago, we were on a public trip to try to save our relationship, and now we are looking at each other in disgust and the situation is getting worse. Sometimes my boyfriend is so upset with his behavior that I can't turn it off at times - he tells me Speedwell.- Gбbor he wanted to get things done right up to the last moment, but it was getting harder and harder to bear. Finally, he decided he had no sense in moving. I figured that out I feel much better without it, completely alienated from him, I decided I wanted to divorce him. Gabor made it very difficult to accept, so we fought a lot and we still have tension to this day when he comes home. The two-year-old housewife, Lilla stayed with her mom. - The house is mine, so there was no request that we stay here, my brother goes. We agreed that you could take the child on a Saturday. Luckily, you have a lollipop on the street where Lilla spends the time being left alone, so I have a little time to get my stuff done. Lillab was not bothered by the change, it still seems to be balanced, I didn't get any cover on it. He loves wisdom, he can be amongst the smallest kids there, play, and so am I more relaxed, I can't even work with him. I didn't want her father to take care of me during the week, I couldn't imagine jumping in to play with the child just like that. Not always easy to reconcile; . Gbor didn't want to adjust, I was vain to tell her that Lilla was not in a state to take her now. Even so, we're disappointed, "says Veronica, and admits that the baby will pop out of her skin each time she sees her father, which is no wonder Gabor has been taking care of her baby since birth. parents discuss how to share child care, but no decision on where to place the child at first negotiation is possible - explain dr. Illés Blanka family law attorney. - The courts will typically formalize the care system that has been established up to now, that is, if the child had a father, for example, once a week. - Some people think that if the child stays with the mother, it is not necessary to . - So, ten years ago, it was the practice of the dad and the child to have a separate room in the child's home, where he and his father were only 8 to 12 times a week. You can imagine how pleasant this setting could have been for everyone. Absolutely today the function of the individual agreement when and how long the other parent can take the child - we know the lawyer. - The new legislation, which came into force in March 2014, has given the parties much greater freedom.

The Blessed Fatherland is dead

Most choices are made in the first year of marriage, that is, most often in young children. "Contrary to parable, it is not unambiguous that young children stay with their mother," dr. Illés Blanka. - A father who has been involved in parenting from the outset usually expects to be able to do so after the election. I'm sorry to say that frankness would be Negro, it is more like the Hungarian family model, but more and more women are working, their dads are getting pregnant, or if they are not, they still care about the child as much as the mother.Sometimes the mother will be in a relationship . Unlike in the past, unfortunately, only a child has been sued by his mother for revenge for the division of wealth, nowadays an over-conscious father does not want to remain a father-in-law, children spend the same amount of time each week changing their parents.- Older children are especially keen to be, and because of their peculiarities, young children are advised to see mothers every day. I usually recommend to families that they give themselves three months of rehearsal, and if they think that this lifestyle is right for everyone, they will finish it. We need the rules everywhere, the same standards, the flexibility, this version can only work successfully.

Family mediation is a must

Because negotiations are held about four times a month, there is usually only three to three years of custody, even if there is a lawsuit, parents can go to court for up to six years, so it's a good idea to reach an agreement soon. - For the prevention of long-standing disputes, compulsory mediation has recently been introduced to bring even wild beasts to an astonishingly effective standard, thereby shortening litigation time. Illija Blanka.- After two to three negotiations, the parents get tired, lose the initial momentum, and realize what a trial is. This involves mediation by the courts and the secretaries of the courts, which usually succeeds in creating a climate that will sooner reach agreement between the parties. So instead of three-years, let's just have one heavy year, but at least the child does not grow up because his parents hate litigation.

She wears the little ones best

- Unfortunately, most people have strong myths about how babies and toddlers carry on their choices - based on decades of professional experience dr. Йva of Szamos clinical psychologist, child-adult psychotherapist.- We think that the little one does not understand, they can not understand, so the conflict between parents is not harmful to them. but the The first three years are the most important in a child's life, this period is the foundation of my healthy self. In the first year of life, it is the parents' expression of facial expression, metacommunication, sound that feeds the baby into the feeling that he or she is an exclusive, well-behaved person. How can a sad, traumatized parent tell the eye that "you are a miracle?" You don't know. A person who doesn't get this early in life will need feedback from other older people to feed their appreciation - call the expert who says nothing about a small, small child whether it is tension or not.- Trauma is all stored up in the unconscious, and unfortunately, at a young age, for example at school or adolescence, it is a very difficult to manage symptom. For a two-year-old child, the mother is the "container" into which she can put her own bribes and frustrations. But a constantly nervous, stressed mother is unable to fulfill this role, and the child is left alone with her troubles.

The least change!

For a toddler, stability, habitual rituals are very important, and they provide security. - It's a big change from the beginning that one parent is not present every day, if you don't have to, don't enter it now. Also, if a mother who is left alone with a child is just unable to organize her life, or just feels like she is not able to support her child right now, she feels better when she is not with her all day. The important thing is that parents should be able to get things done so that the child will make as little change as possible in the mind. To say a little is that Dad's leaving, but he'll come soon, and then he'll play big with you. Visiting once a week for two to three years is very small. It would be healthy to spend at least three hours a week together with each other. parents battle it out in a loyalty conflict, it ends up being broken because they love them both, but you can't do it right now.Rarely, but unfortunately, the parents have something to do to separate brothers and sisters, one for mother and one for father. But for children, this is an Arab trauma. They feel they are not needed, and this sensation is absorbed into our souls.

It would be important to seek advice

- Nowadays, more and more couples are cleverly seeking to decide what they want to do and give them advice on how to best achieve health for their children, says Dr. Йva of Szamos. - That would be useful to all the family. It is not the little kid who needs to be taken to a psychologist, but his mother and dad who need to go to a specialist to deal with the loss. If they are okay, the child will not suffer. But they also have their own interests, as they also carry unresolved problems with their later relationships.

It can also be cooperative

- My little son was another year old when his dad decided we didn't want to live together anymore - he starts Szabina Matúcza, the nine year old paladin йdesanyja. "We didn't quarrel, we agreed to move, Levi stayed with me, but he still had a close relationship with his father, who came to visit him a little when he wanted." They spent several days a week together, and sleeping was no problem. Levi also adapts well to our different parenting style, knows what it is like to be with me and what a father can be. - We never pretended to be a couple, but we have two programs, and pay attention to each other's life. We were recently taken to Levit's dentistry. We both think it is important to stay in good contact, so we try to adapt, which of course requires flexibility, but it is in the child's best interests. I think my son is such a balanced kid.Related articles:
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